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Bainard, Luke, Ph. D.

Cette page contient une liste de publications. Pour le profil complet de ce scientifique, voir la page Luke Bainard.

Publications de recherche


  • Liu, J., Cade-Menun, B.J., Yang, J., Hu, Y., Liu, C.W., Tremblay, J., LaForge, K., Schellenberg, M., Hamel, C., Bainard, L.D. (2018). Long-term land use affects phosphorus speciation and the composition of phosphorus cycling genes in agricultural soils, 9(JUL), http://dx.doi.org/10.3389/fmicb.2018.01643


  • Bainard LD, Chagnon P-L, Cade-Menun BJ, Lamb EG, LaForge K, Schellenberg M, Hamel C (2017) Plant communities and soil properties mediate agricultural land use impacts on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the Mixed Prairie ecoregion of the North American Great Plains. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 249:187-195.
  • Bainard, L.D., Navarro-Borrell, A., Hamel, C., Braun, K., Hanson, K., Gan, Y. 2017. Increasing the frequency of pulses in crop rotations reduces soil fungal diversity and increases the proportion of fungal pathotrophs in a semiarid agroecosystem. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 240(1), 206-214.
  • Cade-Menun, B.J., Bainard, L.D., LaForge, K., Schellenberg, M., Houston, B., Hamel, C. (2017). Long-term agricultural land use affects chemical and physical properties of soils from southwest Saskatchewan, 97(4), 650-666. http://dx.doi.org/10.1139/cjss-2016-0153
  • Niu, Y., Bainard, L.D., Bandara, M.S., Hamel, C., Gan, Y. 2017. Soil residual water and nutrients explain about 30% of the rotational effect in 4-year pulse-intensified rotation systems. Canadian Journal of Plant Science, doi:10.1139/CJPS-2016-0282
  • Verbruggen E, Sheldrake M, Bainard LD, Chen BD, Ceulemans T, De Gruyter J, Van Geel M (2018) Mycorrhizal fungi show regular community compositions in natural ecosystems. The ISME Journal 12380-385.



  • Chagnon, P.-L., Bainard, L.D. 2015. Using molecular biology to study mycorrhizal fungal community ecology: Limits and perspectives. Plant Signaling and Behaviour 10(7), e1046668.


  • Bainard, L.D., Bainard, J.D., Hamel, C., et Gan, Y.T. (2014). « Spatial and temporal structuring of arbuscular mycorrhizal communities is differentially influenced by abiotic factors and host crop in a semiarid prairie agroecosystem. », FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 88(2), p. 333-344. doi : 10.1111/1574-6941.12300
  • Bainard, L.D., Dai, M., Gomez, E.F., Torres-Arias, Y., Bainard, J.D., Sheng, M., Eilers, W.D., et Hamel, C. (2014). « Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities are influenced by agricultural land use and not soil type among the Chernozem great groups of the Canadian Prairie. », Plant and Soil, 387(1-2), p. 351-362. doi : 10.1007/s11104-014-2288-1
  • Chagnon, P.-L. et Bainard, L.D. (2014). « Is root DNA a reliable proxy to assess arbuscular mycorrhizal community structure? », Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 60(9), p. 619-624. doi : 10.1139/cjm-2014-0235
  • Dai, M., Hamel, C., Bainard, L.D., St. Arnaud, M., Grant, C.A., Lupwayi, N.Z., Malhi, S.S., et Lemke, R.L. (2014). « Negative and positive contribution of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal taxa to wheat production and nutrient uptake efficiency in organic and conventional systems in the Canadian prairie. », Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 74, p. 156-166. doi : 10.1016/j.soilbio.2014.03.016
  • Ellouze, W., Taheri, A.E., Bainard, L.D., Yang, C., Bazghaleh, N., Navarro-Borrell, A., Hanson, K.G., et Hamel, C. (2015). « Soil fungal resources in annual cropping systems and their potential for management. », BioMed Research International, 2014(Article ID 531824), p. 1-15. doi : 10.1155/2014/531824


  • Bainard, L.D., Koch, A.M., Gordon, A.M., Klironomos, J.N. 2013. Growth response of crops to soil microbial communities from conventional monocropping and tree-based intercropping systems. Plant and Soil 363(1), 345-356.
  • Dai, M., Bainard, L.D., Hamel, C., Gan, Y.T., et Lynch, D.H. (2013). « Impact of land use on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities in rural Canada. », Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 79(21), p. 6719-6729. doi : 10.1128/AEM.01333-13
  • Hamel, C., Bainard, L.D., Dai, M., et Yang, C. (2013). « Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi assemblages in Chernozem great groups. », dans Nelson, K.E. (dir.) - The Encyclopedia of Metagenomics, Springer.

Autres publications relatives à la science


  • Bainard, L.D., Hamel, C., Cade-Menun, B.J., Chagnon, P.-L., LaForge, K., et Gan, Y.T. (2015). « Dissecting the impact of land use on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities in a semiarid prairie landscape. », 8th International Conference on Mycorrhiza, Flagstaff, AZ, USA, August 3-7, 2015, p. 29.
  • Dai, M., Bainard, L.D., Hamel, C., Bell, T., Terrat, Y., Hijri, M., et St-Arnaud, M. (2015). « Metagenomic analysis of soil microbial composition in different land use types. », Mycorhizes 2015, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, May 8-9, 2015, p. 13.
  • Dai, M., Hamel, C., Terrat, Y., Bainard, L.D., Hijri, M., et St-Arnaud, M. (2015). « Human activities effect on functional and taxonomic microbial diversity in agroecosystem revealed by metagenomic analysis. », 2015 Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science Symposium, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, October 28-29, 2015.
  • Liu, J.Q., Cade-Menun, B.J., Yang, J., Hu, Y.F., Liu, C.W., Bainard, L.D., LaForge, K., et Hamel, C. (2015). « Phosphorus speciation in soils under different land use in southwestern Saskatchewan. », Canadian Light Source Meeting, May 4, 2015.
  • Navarro-Borrell, A., Hamel, C., Bainard, L.D., Gan, Y.T., et Germida, J.J. (2015). « Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal biodiversity associated with pulses and its influence on the subsequent wheat crop. », Mycorrhizae 2015, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, Canada, May 8-9, 2015, p. 11.
  • Navarro-Borrell, A., Hamel, C., Bainard, L.D., Gan, Y.T., et Germida, J.J. (2015). « Fungal diversity associated with pulses and its influence on the subsequent wheat crop in a 2-year study. », Canadian Soil Science Society (IUSS-CSSS-AQSSS) Conference, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada, July 5-10, 2015.
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