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Joseph (Thandapilly), Sijo, Ph. D.

Cette page contient une liste de publications. Pour le profil complet de ce scientifique, voir la page Sijo Joseph (Thandapilly)

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  • Malunga, L.N., Ames, N.P., Masatcioglu, M.T., Khorshidi, A.S., Thandapilly, S.J., Cuthbert, R.D., Sopiwnyk, E., Scanlon, M.G. (2019). Free asparagine concentrations in Canadian hard red spring wheat cultivars, 99(3), 338-347. http://dx.doi.org/10.1139/cjps-2018-0134


  • Salimi Khorshidi, A., Thandapilly, S.J., Ames, N. (2018). Application of low-intensity ultrasound as a rapid, cost-effective tool to wheat screening: A systematic frequency selection, 82 190-197. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jcs.2018.06.011
  • Thandapilly, S.J., Ndou, S.P., Wang, Y., Nyachoti, C.M., Ames, N.P. (2018). Barley β-glucan increases fecal bile acid excretion and short chain fatty acid levels in mildly hypercholesterolemic individuals, 9(6), 3092-3096. http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/c8fo00157j


  • Wang, Y., Harding, S.V., Thandapilly, S.J., Tosh, S.M., Jones, P.J.H., Ames, N.P. (2017). Barley β-glucan reduces blood cholesterol levels via interrupting bile acid metabolism, 118(10), 822-829. http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0007114517002835


  • Ibrahim, N.H.M., Thandapilly, S.J., Jia, Y., Netticadan, T., et Aukema, H. (2015). « Soy Protein Alleviates Hypertension and Fish Oil Improves Diastolic Heart Function in the Han:SPRD-Cy Rat Model of Cystic Kidney Disease. », Lipids, p. 1-8. doi : 10.1007/s11745-015-4095-8







Autres publications relatives à la science


  • Wang, Y., Thandapilly, S.J., Harding, S.V., Tosh, S.M., Jones, P.J.H., et Ames, N.P. (2013). « Barley β-Glucan Consumption Decreases Serum Cholesterol Levels and Increases 7 alpha-Hydroxy-4-Cholesten-3-One Levels in Moderately Hypercholesterolemic Adults. », Experimental Biology 2013, Boston, MA, USA, April 20-24, 2013.


  • Thandapilly, S.J., Louis, X.L., Yu, L., Vinqvist-Tymchuk, M.R., Kalt, W., et Netticadan, T. (2012). « Blueberry fractions prevent norepinephrine induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy and cell death. », 10th International Symposium on Vaccinium and Other Superfruits, Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands, June 17-22, 2012.


  • Behbahani, J., Kopilas, M.A., Wojciechowski, P., Thandapilly, S.J., Netticadan, T., et Anderson, H.D. (2009). « Blood pressure independent correction of resistance artery structure but not intrinsic wall stiffness by resveratrol in the spontaneously hypertensive rat. », Canadian Journal of Cardiology, 25(Suppl. 1B), p. 30B. (Résumé)
  • Louis, X.L., Thandapilly, S.J., Yu, L., Wojciechowski, P., Yang, T., Stringer, D.M., Douville, J.M., Cheung, D.Y.C., Massaeli, H., Zhang, S., Wigle, J., Kardami, E., Zahradka, P., et Netticadan, T. (2009). « Resveratrol prevents norepinephrine induced hypertrophy in adult cardiomyocytes. », 6th Canadian Oxidative Stress Conference, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, May 7-10, 2009, p. 100.
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