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AAFC 2016 – Improved rust resistance lines

CO457 • Derivation: [H95(Rp-G6J1) × CO325, Lancaster (Oh43) × Early Butler
CO458 • Derivation: [H95(Rp-G15c) × CO388^4, BSSS
CO459 • Derivation: [H95(Rp-G5) × CO388^4, BSSS
CO460 • Derivation: [H95(Rp1-K) × CO388^4, BSSS

Inbred Characteristics
Characteristic CO457 CO458 CO459 CO460
Parent (Female or Male) Both Both Both Both
Emergence Very Good Very Good Excellent Excellent
Early Seedling Vigour Very Good Good Excellent Very Good
Plant Height (cm) 180 180 220 190
Number of Leaves 16-18 14 14-16 14-16
Leaf Angle Semi-erect Erect Semi-erect Semi-erect
Ear Height (cm) 65-75 55-65 75-85 40-50
Days to Mid Pollen 82 78 81 83
Days to Mid Silk 84 84 86 86
Ear Type Cylindrical Cylindrical Cylindrical Cylindrical
Ear Length (cm) 14-15 15-16 17-18 15-16
Ear Diameter (cm) 4 4.5 4.5 4
Cob Colour (anthocyanin) Red Red Red Red
Kernel Rows 16-18 12-14 12-14 14
Kernel Shape Wedge Wedge Wedge Wedge
Kernel Type Dent-like Dent Dent-like Dent
Kernel Colour Yellow-orange Yellow Yellow Yellow
Husk Cover from Ear Tip (cm) 4-5 7-8 5-6 8-9
Seed Parent Yield (g) 93 94 107 86
Silk Emergence Very Good Very Good Excellent Excellent
Tassel Extension Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
Pollen Shed Excellent Excellent Very Good Very Good
Gibberella Ear Rot Resistance Susceptible Susceptible Susceptible Susceptible
Common Smut Resistance Intermediate Susceptible Intermediate Susceptible
Fusarium Stalk Rot Resistance Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate
Northern Corn Leaf Blight Resistance Susceptible Intermediate Intermediate Susceptible
Eyespot Resistance Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate
Common Rust Resistance Resistant Resistant Resistant Resistant

Corn yield data table for C0457, CO458, CO459 and CO460

Year City CHU FAO GDD Hybrid Moisture % Bu/Ac Yield/Moisture
  • AB: Alberta
  • MB: Manitoba
  • ON: Ontario
  • QC: Quebec
  • -- : no data
  • Bu/Ac: Bushels per acre
  • CHU: Corn heat units
  • CV: Coefficient of variation
  • FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization
  • GDD: Growing degree days
  • REPS: Replicates

Further technical information

Dr. Lana Reid
Corn Breeding and Pathology
Ottawa Research and Development Centre
Central Experimental Farm
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A OC6

Phone: (613) 759-1619
Fax: (613) 952-9295

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