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2018 Corn Inbred Lines Release CO472

CO472 • Derivation: A632 Htn × CO428^4 (Lancaster)

Inbred Characteristics
Characteristic Detail
Parent (Female or Male) Both
Emergence Excellent
Early Seedling Vigour Very Good
Plant Height (cm) 180
Number of Leaves 12-14
Leaf Angle Horizontal
Ear Height (cm) 45-50
Days to Mid Pollen 76
Days to Mid Silk 80
Ear Type Cylindrical
Ear Length (cm) 12-13
Ear Diameter (cm) 3.5-4.0
Cob Colour (anthocyanin) White
Kernel Rows 12-14
Kernel Shape Wedge
Kernel Type Semi-dent
Kernel Colour Yellow
Husk Cover from Ear Tip (cm) 4-5
CO472 tassel CO472 silk CO472 cob
CO472 ear
Pest Resistance Ratings
Term Detail
Gibberella ear rot S
Smut I
Fusarium stalk rot I
Northern leaf blight R
Eyespot I
Rust R
Goss's wilt MR
Grey leaf spot R
MR = Moderately resistant
R = Resistant
I = Intermediate
S = Susceptible
Production Information
Term Detail
Seed parent yield 64 g
Pollen shed 1
Scale: 1 = Excellent, 5 = Poor

Yield and northern corn leaf blight resistance data table for C0468, CO469, CO470, CO471, CO472 and CO473

Year City CHU FAO GDD Hybrid Moisture % Bu/Ac Yield/Moisture NCLB rating [b]
  • AB: Alberta
  • MB: Manitoba
  • ON: Ontario
  • QC: Quebec
  • -- : no data
  • Bu/Ac: Bushels per acre
  • CHU: Corn heat units
  • CV: Coefficient of variation
  • FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization
  • GDD: Growing degree days
  • REPS: Replicates

Further technical information

Dr. Lana Reid
Corn Breeding and Pathology
Ottawa Research and Development Centre
Central Experimental Farm
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A OC6

Phone: (613) 759-1619
Fax: (613) 952-9295

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