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Successful Cash Bids for AR2016 Potato Selections Offered for Exclusive Testing in 2018

Bids opened at 4:00pm AST - February 26, 2018

Potato Selection Company Name Territory
Canada and
United States
Entire World
(except Canada
and United States)
AR2016-01 (F10008) Québec Parmentier Inc. $333.00
AR2016-03 (F11007) Progest 2001 Inc. $3151.00 $701.00
AR2016-05 (V05060-2) W.P. Griffin Inc. $1040.00
AR2016-09 (F11023) Edmonton Potato Growers (1971) Ltd. $509.00 $109.00
AR2016-14 (F11043) Kroeker Farms Ltd. $4200.00
AR2016-14 (F11043) Edmonton Potato Growers (1971) Ltd. $109.00
AR2016-15 (F11046) Kroeker Farms Ltd. $3500.00
AR2016-15 (F11046) Edmonton Potato Growers (1971) Ltd. $109.00
AR2016-16 (F11056) Kroeker Farms Ltd. $4200.00
AR2016-16 (F11056) Edmonton Potato Growers (1971) Ltd. $109.00
AR2018-11 (F13050) Parkland Seed Potatoes Ltd. $3010.00 $250.00
AR2018-15 (F13085) Parkland Seed Potatoes Ltd. $3010.00 $250.00
AR2011-09 (F06018) La Patate Lac-Saint-Jean $425.00
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