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Ruan, Yuefeng, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Contact Information:

1 Airport Road
PO Box 1030
Swift Current, Saskatchewan S9H 3X2
Telephone: 306-770-4506
Fax: 306-770-4411

Areas of Expertise:

  • Wheat
  • Plant breeding/reproduction
  • Cultivar development
  • Breeding systems
  • Genetic variation
  • Cultivar testing
  • Marker assisted breeding
  • Plant pathology

Current Projects:

  • Develop and deploy durable resistance to the wheat midge in durum wheat grown in midge-prone areas, and research methods to deploy resistant cultivars so as to reduce chance of the insect overcoming the resistance
  • Develop and deploy high yield durum cultivars resistant to the wheat stem sawfly, with appropriate IPM strategies to enhance profitability of wheat production in the drought-prone brown and dark brown soil zones
  • Develop high yield durum cultivars with resistance to abiotic/biotic stresses to enhance profitability of durum wheat production
  • Genomic strategies to improve durum wheat breeding in Canada
  • Marker assisted breeding to improve incorporation of pest resistance and end-use quality
  • Development of genetic technologies and enhanced cultivars to mitigate weather and disease-induced loss of wheat market value and food quality
  • Enhance resistance to Fusarium head blight in major wheat quality classes to improve food safety through reduced mycotoxin content
  • Incorporate resistance to pre-harvest sprouting and other weather-related damage
  • Integrated pest management of the wheat stem sawfly to reduce business risk of sustainable cropping system in the dry prairies

Research publications

Other science related publications

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