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Research projects (Saskatoon Research and Development Centre)

The Saskatoon Research and Development Centre (Saskatoon RDC) supports innovative research, development, and technology and knowledge transfer activities relevant to four of the nine Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Sector Science Strategies.


Saskatoon RDC is one of Canada’s National Oilseed Research Centres of Excellence. Research in agronomy, crop management and variety development fosters new areas of opportunity and keeps the oilseed sector competitive.

New crops adapted to the prairies (Brassica carinata and Camelina sativa) are creating novel products and expanding markets for oilseed crops. Improving food, feed and industrial quality characteristics of Brassica and related species is establishing new crop platforms for bioproducts and biofuels and supporting the emerging global bioeconomy.

Agro-ecosystem productivity and health

Research aims to enhance the environmental performance and sustainability of oilseed production systems. This includes the development of land and crop management practices to improve productivity and efficiency, irrigation strategies and our fundamental understanding of nutrient dynamics in agro-ecosystems.

Biodiversity and bioresources

Plant and animal germplasm is acquired and characterized to identify superior characteristics for use in science and breeding programs. This includes:

Current research projects at Saskatoon
Project number Lead researcher Project title Budget* Duration: start Duration: end
J-001286 Fu, Yong-Bi Mining soybean germplasm collection through genotyping-by-sequencing and phenotyping to enhance germplasm utilization $105,000.00 4/1/2016 3/31/2019
J-001365 Wahab, Jazeem Nitrogen and water management effects on agronomic, economic, performance and environmental impacts in potato-based cropping sequence $195,665.00 4/1/2016 3/29/2019
J-001379 Peng, Gary Developing durable clubroot resistance against pathotype 5X based on the action modes and deployment of resistance genes   $216,000.00 4/1/2016 3/31/2019
J-001382 Yu, Fengqun Developing single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) arrays for characterizing Leptosphaeria maculans populations based on a large collection of Canadian isolates  $196,100.00 4/1/2016 3/31/2019
J-001384 Soolanayakanahally, Raju Phosphorus enriched lignocellulosic biochar as a strategy for increasing crop productivity and enhancing environmental performance $246,897.00 4/1/2016 3/30/2019
J-001394 Derdall, Evan Improved adoption and management of Variable Rate Irrigation technology through the development of practical prescription writing and management protocols $174,553.00 4/1/2016 3/31/2019
J-001406 Lemke, Reynald Improving the yield-scaled greenhouse gas intensity of grain crop production on the Canadian prairies $201,515.00 5/1/2016 3/31/2019
J-001579 Hegedus, Dwayne Camelina sativa as a 21st century clean energy crop for Canada $370,000.00 4/1/2017 3/31/2019
J-001581 Erlandson, Martin Gene-for-gene mediated resistance to midge in canola and wheat $211,000.00 4/1/2017 3/31/2019
J-001582 Rozwadowski, Kevin Advanced genomics strategies to capture novel genetic diversity for oilseed crop improvement $1,073,510.00 4/1/2017 3/31/2019
J-001589 Mupondwa, Edmund Development and sustainable integration of agricultural crop residues and dedicated feedstock crops into Canada’s clean energy and bioproducts sector $1,500,000.00 4/1/2017 3/31/2020
J-001714 Parkin, Isobel Impact of genome ploidy on the plant's response to stress $135,000.00 4/2/2018 3/31/2020
J-001747 Tanko, Hakibu Crop coefficient development for canola and dry bean in Saskatchewan to improve yield and water use efficiency $221,848.00 12/5/2017 8/5/2021
J-001801 Vankosky, Meghan Evaluating the risk of alien invasions by insect pests in Canada using CLIMEX/DYMEX models $179,630.00 4/1/2018 3/31/2021
J-001811 Smith, Mark Reducing bioenergy feedstock costs by enhancing oil production in Camelina sativa $129,800.00 4/2/2018 3/31/2021
J-001820 Yu, Fengqun Defining populations of Plasmodiophora brassicae with near isogenic Brassica napus lines $284,499.01 4/1/2018 10/15/2021
J-001843 Boyetchko, Susan Biopesticides as a novel technology using agricultural biologicals for protection of Sclerotinia in canola and oilseed Brassicas $120,005.00 4/1/2018 3/31/2021
J-001993 Vankosky, Meghan Coordinated monitoring of field crop pests in the prairie ecosystem $547,008.00 4/1/2018 3/31/2023
J-002016 Eynck, Christina Development of improved varieties of camelina for the Canadian Prairies $1,204,792.30 4/1/2018 3/31/2023
J-002020 Mooleki, Patrick Reducing toxicity of seed-placed phosphorus fertilizer in oilseed crops $284,000.02 4/1/2018 3/31/2021
J-002021 Boyetchko, Susan Biopesticides as a novel management strategy for sclerotinia in canola $598,040.00 5/1/2018 3/31/2023
J-002028 Cheng, Bifang Germplasm and variety development of condiment mustard for improved yield and quality $1,093,400.04 4/1/2018 3/31/2023
J-002029 Eynck, Christina Identifying and developing herbicide-tolerant germplasm for carinata and yellow mustard $828,671.33 4/1/2018 3/31/2023
J-002030 Parkin, Isobel Developing carinata varieties and hybrids for drier Canadian Prairies with key traits using molecular breeding tools as a preferred industrial oilseed platform $1,393,000.01 4/2/2018 3/31/2023
J-002032 Wanasundara, Janitha Defining functional protein, mucilage and fibre value of  yellow mustard for the food industry $395,814.05 4/2/2018 3/31/2023
*: The budget amount represents the forecast total project costs (not actual spending), including any offsets by revenues received from outside agencies/partners. It includes operations and maintenance funds used to purchase goods or services. It does not include salary dollars for staff working on the projects or any grant or contribution funds provided to outside partners for work on the projects.
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