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Evaluation of Naturalis L for the management of cherry fruit fly in cherry

Project Code BPR11-040

Project Lead

Gary Coukell - Integrated Crop Management Service (ICMS)
Joan Cossentine - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


To develop efficacy and crop tolerance data in support of a regulatory submission for Naturalis L (Beauveria bassiana strain ATCC 74040) for the management of cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis spp.) in cherry

During the 2010 Biopesticides Priority Setting workshop Naturalis L was selected as the priority biopesticides solution for the management of cherry fruit fly in cherry orchards. In Canada approximately 6,883 metric tonnes of cherry are produced annually with a farm gate value of $23.685 million, and cherry fruit fly is a major threat to this crop. Cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis spp.) pupae overwinter in the soil, and adults emergy in the spring, laying eggs in the fruit. Maggots and frass within the fruit make it unmarketable, and subsequently there is zero tolerance for this insect. The most effective chemical products that have been used to control this pest are currently under review and an alternative solution is needed. Naturalis-L is an entomopathogenic biopesticide that has been developed by Troy Corporation. This product works through a pathogenic mode of action, where the germinating conidia of B. bassiana infect and kill the targeted insect. Application of Naturalis L been shown to reduce the incidence of the European cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis cerasi) in organic orchards in Switzerland, and the current project will generate data on the use of this product against cherry fruit fly species present in Canada. Two efficacy trials will be carried out in British Columbia’s Fraser valley to investigate product performance in a large plot design as well as a small small plot experimental setup. Pesticide Risk Reduction will also provide regulatory support for the first time registration of this product in Canada.

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