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Project statuses of minor use pesticides on small-acreage crops

The Minor Use Pesticides activities of the Pest Management Centre (PMC) are a joint initiative between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) to improve the availability of reduced-risk products to agricultural producers and improve the access to a broad range of minor use pesticides. The PMC reviews the data resulting from field trials and laboratory analyses, and prepares a submission to PMRA to support the registration of the minor use pesticide. Upon receiving a finalized regulatory submission from PMC, PMRA reviews it and decides whether or not to accept the pesticide for use in Canada.

This is a complete list of PMC's projects with their statuses. For those projects with the status D.3.2 Review Complete, please check with the pesticide manufacturer or visit PMRA's pesticide label database to find out if the pesticide is ready for use.

This table is updated approximately monthly. To find out when it is updated, please subscribe by sending an email to our mailing list leaving the subject line and body blank.

For your convenience, the project status by crop report is available in the following format:
PMC - Project status by crop - PDF (699 KB)

As of May 5, 2021

You can search by entering key words in the "Filter items" box. You can also sort certain columns to locate a project by crop, pest, product, active ingredient, project id or project status.

Crop Pest(s) Product Active Ingredient Project Id Simplified Project Status - (Submission Status)

Appendix 1

Project Initiated:
This status includes Project Initiated, Establishing Data Requirements, and Planning Phase.
Data Generation:
At least one study in the project has field or lab in the process of being conducted.
Reporting Phase:
All studies within a project are either complete or are being written up.
Project Complete:
All data requirements within a project are complete.
Project Complete (Not for Submission):
Project will not be submitted.
Data with Registrant for Submission:
The project data has been sent to the registrant for submission.
Project Withdrawn:
Support for this project has been withdrawn by the registrant or as a result of a change from the original selected priority.
Project On-Hold:
Project is on hold until external issues are resolved.
Submitted to PMRA:
Data has been submitted to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) for review.
D.3.2 Review Complete:
Use accepted by PMRA. PMRA has completed their review of the submission data and has indicated that the use may be added to the label.
Use rejected by PMRA:
The PMRA review is complete but the use is rejected.
Registrant Submission:
Data generated by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) was given to registrant for submission.
Registrant Submission - Submitted to PMRA:
Registrant submitted data generated by AAFC to PMRA.
Registrant Submission - D.3.2 Review Complete:
Use accepted by PMRA. PMRA has completed their review of the submission data and has indicated that the use may be added to the label.
Clarifying Project:
PMRA has requested clarification on submitted data.
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