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Pesticide risk reduction strategy development for floriculture in Canada

Project Code: PRR09-060


To consult with Canadian floriculture growers, other stakeholders and experts to:

  1. establish priorities for pesticide risk reduction within the industry and
  2. formulate strategies to direct activities for identified priorities over the next 3-5 years to reduce risks to human health and the environment associated with pesticide use in Canadian floriculture.

Summary of Results


The floriculture industry in Canada includes thousands of different species of plants, many with their own significant pest issues. Developing pest management techniques to deal with these multiple threats to the the many different kinds of crops while reducing pesticide risk remains a significant challenge. This project aimed to develop a nationwide strategy to address key pest and pesticide risk reduction issues in floriculture.


Flowers Canada Growers communicated with stakeholders through a variety of mediums. Group meetings were held with growers in the Maritimes, Ontario and B.C. At these meetings a PowerPoint presentation was presented to help introduce the federal government’s current reduced risk initiatives and provide examples of how the floriculture industry might consider reducing its reliance on traditional pesticides. An extensive survey was designed and distributed at meetings as well as sent to other flower producers across Canada to determine needs of the industry. Teleconferences and private meeting were also used as opportunities to determine the current state and future needs of the industry. Finally provincial extension specialists and minor use coordinators were also consulted.

An oversight committee of industry professionals evaluated the results of all these methods of consultation and identified three main strategic goals to move forward with to promote sustainable pest management in the floriculture industry.


The end product of these extensive consultations is the framework for future risk reduction work by the Pest Management Centre in support of the floriculture industry.

The three main strategy goals identified were:

A detailed version of the floriculture reduced risk strategy will be made available on the Pesticide Risk Reduction Strategies section of the website.

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