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Integrated management of Botrytis grey mould in greenhouse tomato incorporating the biopesticide Botector

Project Code: BPR15-041

Project lead

Odile Carisse - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


To develop an integrated management program (IPM) incorporating the biopesticide Botector® for the management of Botrytis grey mould in greenhouse tomato

Botrytis grey mould (Botrytis cinerea) is a devastating disease of tomato in greenhouses across Canada, especially for organic tomato production. Some chemical fungicides have been registered for the control of this disease in conventional production, but many of them are now subject to pathogen resistance. The biopesticide Botector® was identified by growers as a biopesticide priority for Pesticide Risk Reduction regulatory support, and has shown promise in the sustainable management of Botrytis grey mould in greenhouse tomato.

This 2 year project will develop an integrated Botrytis grey mould management program involving the application of the biopesticide Botector® at the optimal timing incorporated with the best other practices. During the project Botector® application timing will be determined based on its effectiveness under specific inoculum level, humidity conditions and de-leafing operations in greenhouse. The project will identify the best practices by assessing effects of de-leafing operations, irrigation, inoculum management, and plant density management on the disease. A final integrated Botrytis management strategy in tomato greenhouse will consist of Botector® applications and optimal cultural methods. A chemical fungicide spray may also be incorporated if the Botrytis inoculum level reaches the threshold for chemical management of grey mold in greenhouse tomato. Information about the integrated grey mold management program will be transferred to greenhouse tomato growers in Ontario and Quebec through presentations and factsheets after the project is completed.

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