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Demonstration of integrated management of liverwort incorporating Mosskade in potted oak and pot-in-pot hydrangea in nursery

Project Code: BPR16-041

Project Lead

Nancy Cain - Cain Vegetation Incorporated, Ontario


To demonstrate the use of Mosskade® in the integrated liverwort management in ornamentals

Liverworts (Marchantia polymorpha) and mosses occur in all nursery growing areas and have become very common weeds of ornamental crops in greenhouse and container in Canada. The rapid growth of liverwort can result in heavy mats of thallus tissue on the surface of pots, which restricts water penetration and compete for nutrients with ornamental crops. MossKade® was selected by growers as a biopesticide priority for liverwort management in ornamental crops in 2016. The product does not have a direct toxicological effect on algae, moss or liverwort, but it kills or damages target moss/liverwort by physical suffocation.

This one-year demonstration is to show the integrated management of liverwort in ornamental crops potted oak and pot-in-pot hydrangea using MossKade® combined with other available practices in nursery and poly house in Ontario. The Integrate Pest Management (IPM) project will combine MossKade® with other practices including surface mulching, rotation spray with chemical and physical weed management to control liverworts in potted oak and pot-in-pot hydrangea production. A field day will show stakeholders the use of this product combined with other integrated management practices for optimal performance against liverwort in Canadian ornamental crops. Results from the various combinations of practices used will be shared with grower organizations, provinces, and other stakeholders.

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