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Schernthaner, Johann, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Contact Information:

960 Carling Ave
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C6
Telephone: 613-715-5397
Fax: 613-759-1701

Areas of Expertise:

  • containment of transgenes in plants
  • storage protein genes
  • full-length cdna libraries
  • high throughput promoter libraries
  • genomic coding and flanking regions
  • edible vaccines in plants
  • molecular genetics
  • oats
  • insect dnase enzymes involved in activation of bt toxin
  • protein structure of bt insecticidal crystal
  • dna
  • immobilized oligonucleotides
  • molecular biology research
  • gene flow in plants

Research publications




Other science related publications


  • Amer, S., Labbé, N.M., Rowland, O., and Schernthaner, J.P. (2011). "Expression of Brassica napus LEA genes in developing seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana.", Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists Eastern Regional Meeting & Plant Development Workshop / Congrès de la Société Canadienne de Physiologie Végétale & Congrès de Développement Végétale (Congrès Régional de l’Est), Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada, December 2-3, 2011, P44, pp. 51. (Poster)
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