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Martin, Sara, Ph.D.

This page contains a list of publications. A full profile of this scientist is available at Sara Martin

Research publications


  • Colombo, S. M., Campbell, L. G., Murphy, E. J., Martin, S. L., & Arts, M. T. (2018). Potential for novel production of omega-3 long-chain fatty acids by genetically engineered oilseed plants to alter terrestrial ecosystem dynamics. Agricultural Systems, 164(March), 31–37.
  • Martin S.L., Benedict, L., Wei, W., Sauder, C. A., Beckie, H.J., and L. M. Hall (submitted) High gene flow maintains genetic diversity following selection for high EPSPS copy number in Kochia
  • Martin SL, Lujan‐Toro BE, Sauder CA, James T, Ohadi S, Hall LM. (2019) Hybridization rate and hybrid fitness for Camelina microcarpa Andrz. ex DC (♀) and Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz (Brassicaceae) (♂). Evolutionary Applications 12: 443-455. 10.1111/eva.12724



  • Yan, H., Martin, S.L., Bekele, W.A., Latta, R.G., Diederichsen, A., Peng, Y.-Y., and Tinker, N.A. (2016). "Genome size variation in the genus Avena.", Genome, 59(3), pp. 209-220. doi : 10.1139/gen-2015-0132





Other science related publications


  • Benedict, L., Sauder, C.A., James, T., deCosta, L.O., Beckie, H.J., Hall, L.M., and Martin, S.L. (2015). "Are there fitness consequences of EPSPS gene amplification in Kochia scoparia? The results of a competitive, segregating F2 greenhouse experiment.", Canadian Weed Science Society Annual Meeting 2015, November 24-27, 2015. (Abstract)


  • Benedict, L., Sauder, C.A., James, T., Beckie, H.J., and Martin, S.L. (2014). "Is there a cost to glyphosate resistance in kochia?", 2014 CWSS Annual Meeting, Montreal, QC, Canada, November 17-20, 2014. (Abstract)
  • Côté, M.J., Leduc, L., Kerr, D., Dollard, C., Blain, A., Catling, P.M., Mitrow, G., Martin, S.L., Smith, T.W., and Macklin, J.A. (2014). "Barcoding of Quarantine and invasive species in Canada: Invasive Plants.", Weeds Across Boarders, Ottawa, Canada, October 2014. (Abstract)
  • Cheung, K.W., Razeq, F.M., Sauder, C.A., James, T., and Martin, S.L. (2014). "Wild sex – The case of Ethiopian and Wild Mustard.", Canadian Weed Science Society meeting 2014, Montreal, Canada, November 16-19, 2014. (Abstract)


  • Côté, M.J., Leduc, L., Kerr, D., Dollard, C., Catling, P.M., Mitrow, G., Martin, S.L., Smith, T.W., and Macklin, J.A. (2013). "Barcoding of Quarantine and Invasive Species in Canada: Invasive Plants. Co-operation project between the Canadian Food Inspection Agency – CFIA and AAFC (GRDI - Genomics Research and Development).", Plant Genome Evolution Meeting 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 8-10, 2013. (Abstract)
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