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Landry, Jean-François, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Contact Information:

960 Carling Ave
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C6
Telephone: 613-759-1825
Fax: 613-759-1927

Areas of Expertise:

  • systematics of Microlepidoptera (small moths), principally the superfamilies Gelechioidea and Yponomeutoidea
  • development of DNA barcodes as identification aids for Microlepidoptera
  • development of identification keys and tools for Microlepidoptera
  • identification of Microlepidoptera pest species and leafmining Lepidoptera
  • faunistics and biodiversity of Microlepidoptera, with emphasis on the North American fauna
  • development of phylogenetic classifications, taxonomic checklists, catalogues, and databases
  • curator of Lepidoptera in the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes

Current Projects:

  • Develop Systematic Knowledge of Arthropod Pests, Beneficial Arthropods, and Environmentally Sensitive Arthropods
  • Assess Interactions and Impacts Between Invasive Alien Species, Agricultural Practices and Arthropod Biodiversity
  • Develop a National Arthropod Information system Through the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids & Nematodes, Provision of Expert Identification, Consultation & Training


  • associate graduate faculty, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph
  • research associate, U.S. National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
  • member of the Arthropod Specialists Subcommittee of COSEWIC, Environment Canada
  • member of the Scientific Committee of the Biological Survey of Canada
  • member of the Lepidopterists' Society
  • member of the Canadian Barcode of Life Network

Research publications


  • Pohl GR, Landry J-F, Schmidt BC, deWaard JR (2019) Lepidoptera of Canada. In: Langor DW, Sheffield CS (Eds) The Biota of Canada – A Biodiversity Assessment. Part 1: The Terrestrial Arthropods. ZooKeys 819: 463-505.
  • Royals, H.R., Landry, J.-F., Gilligan, T.M. (2020) Paralobesia (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), a systematic revision. Memoirs of the Lepidopterists Society 6. 150 pp.


  • Pohl GR, Landry J-F, Schmidt BC, Lafontaine JD, Troubridge JT, Macaulay D, van Nieukerken EJ, deWaard JR, Dombroskie JJ, Klymko J, Nazari V, Stead K. 2018. Annotated checklist of the Moths and Butterflies of Canada and Alaska. PenSoft Series Faunistica #118. PenSoft Publishers, Sofia, Bulgaria. 580 pp.




  • Pohl, G.R., Cannings, R.A., Landry, J.-F., Holden, D.G., and Scudder, G.G.E. (2015). "Checklist of the Lepidoptera of British Columbia, Canada.", Journal of the Entomological Society of British Columbia.







Other science related publications


  • Douglas H, Landry J-F. 2018. Taxonomy for the identification of invertebrate pests in support of regulatory entomology in Canada. AAFC Ottawa Research and Development Science Days – Biodiversity and Bioresources. February 5-6. Ottawa Canada.
  • P.K. Abram, J. Thiessen, P. Clarke, D.R. Gillespie, and J.-F. Landry (2019). The biology and ecology of Plutella armoraciae, a recently re-discovered diamondback moth species in Interior British Columbia. Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of British Columbia, October 4, 2019, Victoria, BC (submitted oral presentation).


  • Austin, K., Nazari, V., Landry, J.-F., Johnson, S.R. (2017) Lepidotarphius perornatella (Walker, 1864) (Lepidoptera: Glyphipterigidae) new to North America. News of the Lepidopterists’ Society 59(4), 182–184.


  • Landry, J.-F., Light, M.H.S., and MacConaill, M. (2015). "Barcoding Paralobesia cypripediana (Tortricidae): a stealthy micromoth feeding on the threatened orchid Cypripedium reginae.", Genome, 58(5), pp. 241. (Abstract)


  • Firlej, A., Légaré, J.-P., Landry, J.-F., Hogue, R., Chouinard, G., and Cormier, D. (2013). "DNA barcoding: an innovative tool to identify internal lepidopterans in apples.", 2nd Global Conference on Entomology, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, November 8-12, 2013. (Poster)
  • Hayden, J., Lee, S., Passoa, S., Young, J., Landry, J.-F., Nazari, V., Mally, R., Somma, L., and Ahlmark, K. (2013). "Digital Identification of Microlepidoptera on Solanaceae. USDA-APHIS-PPQ Identification Technology Program (ITP)."
  • Landry, J.-F. and Hebert, P.D.N. (2013). "468 DNA sequences for distinguishing new species of diamondback, Plutella australiana, moth from other Plutella species." doi: 10.5883/DS-PLUT1
  • Landry, J.-F., Light, M.H.S., and MacConaill, M. (2013). "Paralobesia cypripediana (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae), a stealthy micromoth attacking Cypripedium reginae (Orchidaceae).", Symposium on Insect-Orchid Interactions at the joint meeting of the Entomological Society of Canada and Entomological Society of Ontario, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, October 20-23, 2013. (Presentation)
  • Landry, J.-F., Nazari, V., deWaard, J.R., Mutanen, M., Lopez-Vaamonde, C., Huemer, P., and Hebert, P.D.N. (2013). "1416 DNA barcodes for distinguishing 90 species of Microlepidoptera, including 30 newly revealed Holarctic species." doi: 10.5883/DS-28NHM
  • Pohl, G.R., Bird, C.D., Nazari, V., and Landry, J.-F. (2013). "Update to the Checklist of the Lepidoptera of Alberta.", Alberta Lepidopterists’ Guild Newsletter(Fall), pp. 15-24. (Newsletter)


  • Pohl, G.R., Bird, C.D., Nazari, V., and Landry, J.-F. (2012). "2012 update to the Checklist of the Lepidoptera of Alberta.", Alberta Lepidopterists’ Guild Newsletter, Spring 2012, pp. 7-13.


  • Landry, J.-F. and Sugisima, K. (2011). "Kaila, L. and Sugisima, K. (2011) "Elachistine Moths of Australia: (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea: Elachistidae)", ISBN 978-0643103054. (Book Review).", Nota Lepidopterologica, 34(2), pp. 111-114.
  • Nazari, V., Landry, J.-F., and Hebert, P.D.N. (2011). "New records of European micromoths in North America detected through DNA barcoding.", XVIIth European Congress of Lepidopterology, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, May 9-13, 2011. (Presentation)
  • deWaard, J.R., Landry, J.-F., Nazari, V., and Humble, L.H. (2011). "The detection of 30 new Nearctic moths: support for incorporating DNA barcoding into the surveillance of non-indigenous species.", 4th International Barcode of Life Conference, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, November 28-December 3, 2011. (Presentation)
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