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Geng, Xiaoyuan, M.Sc.

Physical scientist – Soil and Soil Landscape Science

Contact Information:

960 Carling Av.
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C6
Telephone: 613-759-1895

Areas of Expertise:

  • Soil genesis and digital soil mapping
  • Geospatial statistics and big data computing
  • Internet geospatial data processing and visualization
  • Geomatics, ecosystem modeling and business intelligence

Current Projects:

  • Soil, land use and land productivity data for sustainable agriculture
  • Plant disease assessment and forecasting using remotely sensed data
  • Nitrogen and sediment reduction in Eastern Canada
  • Phosphorus and sediment reduction in Lake Erie basin, Canada
  • Physiographic data for sustainability metrics in Canada


  • Ph.D. candidate , Carleton University
  • Canadian member of ISO TC207 committee
  • Member of technical committee of Canadian digital soil consortium

Research publications







  • Kroetsch, D.J., Geng, X.Y., Chang, S.X., and Saurette, D.D. (2011). "Organic Soils of canada: Part 1. Wetland Organic soils.", Canadian Journal of Soil Science, 91(5), pp. 807-822. doi : 10.4141/CJSS10043
  • Schut, P., Smith, C.A.S., Fraser, W., Geng, X.Y., and Kroetsch, D.J. (2011). "Soil Landscapes of Canada: Building a National Framework for Environmental Information.", Geomatica (Ottawa), 65(3), pp. 293-309. doi : 10.5623/cig2011-045


  • Geng, X.Y., Fraser, W., VandenBygaart, A.J., Smith, C.A.S., Waddell, A., You, J., and Patterson, T.G. (2010). "Toward digital soil mapping in Canada.", in Boettinger, J. L. , Howell, D.W., Moore, A.C., Hartemink, A.E., Kienast-Brown, S. (eds.) - Digital Soil Mapping. Bridging Research, Environmental Application, and Operation Series: Progress in Soil Science, Springer Science + Business Media, Chapter 26, pp. 323-333.

Other science related publications


  • Mesbah, M., Pattey, E., Jégo, G., Geng, X., Didier, A., Tremblay, N., (2017) " Including climate variability in determination of the optimum rate of N fertilizer application using a crop model: A case study for rainfed corn in eastern Canada." American Geophysical Union Fall meeting, New Orleans, USA, December 11-15, 2017.


  • "From fields to regions: Improving crop model predictions, using remote sensing-derived biophysical descriptors and climate data." Pattey, E.,Jégo, G. ,A. Vanderzaag, J. Liu, B. Qian, X. Geng; Res. Team: S. Admiral, M. Mesbah, D. Dow, T. HotteF. Baret, M. Weiss, R. Lacaze, F. Camacho, N. Beaudoin, R. Desjardins, T. Huffman, H. McNairn 2016. 2016 Canadian JECAM Site Update: CFIA-Ottawa. JECAM Science Meeting Kyiv, 11-12 Oct 2016 (poster).
  • Liu, j., Shang, J., Qian, B., Huffman, T., Pattey, E., Geng, X., Dong, T. 2016. “Approach to soil productivity assessment over Canada’s agricultural land using Earth observation technology”. The Fifth International Conference on Agro-Geoinformatics. July 18-20, 2016. Tianjin, China.


  • Pattey, E., Jégo, G., Liu, J., Smith, W.N., VanderZaag, A.C., Desjardins, R.L., Tremblay, N., Geng, X.Y., Qiu, B., Shang, J., McNairn, H., and Jarvis, I.E. (2015). "Field-scale research to quantify the impact of climate variations on crop production and to enhance the environmental performance.", Invited Presentation at ECORC/ACGEO Agri-Environmental Science Day, Ottawa, ON, Canada, February 10, 2015. (Presentation)
  • Zheng, F.Z., Li, S., Robertson, B., Boudreault, M., and Geng, X.Y. (2015). "Snow distribution in rolling landscapes under agriculture and forestry land uses in Atlantic Canada.", 20th International Soil and Tillage Research Organization (ISTRO) Conference, Nanjing, China, September 14-18, 2015. (Poster)


  • Pattey, E., Jégo, G., VanderZaag, A.C., Liu, J., Qian, B., Smith, W.N., Geng, X.Y., Baret, F., Beaudoin, N., Desjardins, R.L., Fernandes, R., Jarvis, I.E., Huffman, E.C., Lacaze, R., and McNairn, H. (2014). "JECAM CFIA-Ottawa.", JECAM/GEOGLAM Science Meeting, Ottawa, Canada, July 21-23, 2014, Oral presentation.
  • Shang, J., Huffman, E.C., Liu, J., Ma, B.-L., Zhao, T., Qian, B., McNairn, H., Geng, X.Y., Lantz, N., and Wang, J. (2014). "Using Earth Observation to Monitor Corn Growth in Eastern Canada.", 68th North Eastern Corn Improvement Conference, Wooster, Ohio, USA, February 13-14, 2014.
  • Yang, X.M., Drury, C.F., Gregorich, E.G., Hao, X., Geng, X.Y., Reid, K., Fox, C.A., and VandenBygaart, A.J. (2014). "Mid-Infrared Spectral Characteristics of Different Agricultural Soils cross Canada.", CSSS/CGU 2014 Annual Meeting, Banff, AB, Canada, May 4-8, 2014.


  • Geng, X.Y. and Schut, P. (2012). "Processing Service and Table Joining Service: a land suitability rating system implementation case.", 1st International Conference on Agro-Geoinformatics, Shanghai, China, August 2-4, 2012.
  • Geng, X.Y., Burcher, R., Kroetsch, D.J., and Mitchell, S. (2012). "Multi-scale feature data and landscape analysis toolkit for predictive soil mapping.", 5th Global Workshop on Digital Soil Mapping 2012, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, July 24, 2012, pp. 271-275.
  • Yang, Y., Wang, S., Trishchenko, A.P., Luo, Y., and Geng, X.Y. (2012). "Estimation of fAPAR over the Canadian Prairie for 2000-2008.", Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 4(2), pp. 57-68.


  • Newlands, N.K., Geng, X.Y., McNairn, H., Jarvis, I.E., Liang, S.H.L., Erickson, R.S., Phillips, A.J.L., Davidson, A.M., Porcelli, T.A., Chipanshi, A.C., Serele, C.S., and Hill, H.S. (2009). "AAFC-SAGES Agri-Environmental Monitoring Project Collaborators, G. Espino-Hernandez, Biophysical modeling of soil moisture integrating SAR and sensor web networks.", Remote Sensing Workshop, Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada. (Abstract)
  • Wang, S., Yang, Y., and Geng, X.Y. (2009). "New method for assessing humidity function in combined Stomatal-Photosynthesis model.", IAMAS, IAPSO and IACS Joint Assembly: Our Warming Planet, Montréal, QC, Canada, July 19-29, 2009.
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