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Cardinal, Sophie, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Contact Information:

960 Carling Ave
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C6
Telephone: 613-759-1797
Fax: 613-759-1701

Areas of Expertise:

  • phylogenetics
  • molecular systematics
  • morphological systematics
  • bees
  • Anthophila
  • Apidae

Current Projects:

  • Systematics of bees: developing new molecular and morphological tools to better understand our beneficial native pollinators


  • Member, Entomological Society of Canada
  • Member, Entomological Society of Ontario

Research publications







Other science related publications


  • Cardinal S, Javorek S, Guarna MM, Pernal SF (2016) Health of bee pollinators in Canadian agricultural landscapes. Science Day – Biodiversity and Bioresources Ottawa Research and Development Centre, 1-2 Dec 2016, Ottawa, ON.


  • Cardinal, S. (2014). "Evolution of buzz pollination in bees.", Southern Ontario Bee Researchers Symposium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Cardinal, S. and Buchmann, S.L. (2014). "Evolution of buzz pollination inferred from a multi-gene molecular phylogeny of bees.", 8th International Congress of Hymenopterists, Cusco, Peru, July 20-25, 2014.


  • Bennett, A.M.R., Cardinal, S., Gauld, I.D., and Wahl, D.B. (2013). "Morphological and molecular phylogeny of the subfamilies of Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera).", Biosyst EU 2013. 2nd meeting of the Federation of European Biological Systematic Societies, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, February 18-22, 2013.
  • Bennett, A.M.R., Cardinal, S., Gauld, I.D., and Wahl, D.B. (2013). "Phylogeny of the Ichneumonidae.", Entomological Society of America (ESA) 61st Annual Meeting, Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX, USA, November 10-13, 2013.


  • Pernal, S.F., Cardinal, S., and Javorek, S.K. (2012). "The Importance, Diversity and Status of Canada’s Pollinator Resources: A Synthesis of Current AAFC Research.", Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Research Branch Speaker Series, National Headquarters Complex for the Agriculture Portfolio (NHCAP), Ottawa, ON, Canada, June 26, 2012. (Presentation)
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