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Research projects (London Research and Development Centre)

The London Research and Development Centre (London RDC) supports innovative research, development, and technology and knowledge transfer activities relevant to three of the nine Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector Science Strategies.


Research in crop genomics and bioproducts uses modern molecular analytical technologies to:


Horticulture research emphasizes protection and improvement of fruit, vegetable and high value crops, development of alternative pest and disease control methods (including biocontrol strategies), and integration of biopesticides into integrated pest management practices.

Agro-ecosystem productivity and health

Research in environmental microbiology and chemistry is conducted with a goal of protecting environmental and human health. This research includes expertise in molecular microbiology, analytical chemistry, the ecology of pathogens, and toxicology to improve our ability to assess risks from emerging microbial and chemical contaminants, and validate remediation strategies.

Current research projects at London
Project number Lead researcher Project name Budget* Duration: start Duration: end
J-001266 Donly, Cam Development of integrated pest management tools using genomic and ecological approaches for the control of insect pests in greenhouses $380,000.00 4/1/2016 3/31/2019
J-001272 Topp, Ed Optimizing soil health and protecting environmental quality through judicious manure management, and innovative cover cropping $873,343.58 4/1/2016 3/29/2019
J-001301 Sumarah, Mark Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MS) data mining of fungal culture collections $90,000.00 4/1/2016 3/31/2019
J-001321 Gariepy, Tara Characterization of agents, trophic interactions, risks, and impacts in biological control of invasive pests: Developing modern tools to support sustainable pest management in Canadian agriculture systems, and provide scientific advice and data for improved implementation and regulation of exotic biological control agents $1,633,501.00 4/1/2016 3/30/2019
J-001327 Hannoufa, Abdelali Improving productivity and persistence of alfalfa under extreme weather events $319,200.00 4/1/2016 3/31/2019
J-001331 Marsolais, Frédéric Improvement of protein quality and seed coat color stability in dry bean $435,000.00 4/1/2016 3/31/2019
J-001332 Yuan, Ze-Chun Secure and improve greenhouse tomato production by developping molecular diagnostic tool and integrated management strategies for seedborne canker disease  $180,000.00 4/1/2016 3/31/2019
J-001602 Scott, Ian Isoflavonoid levels in soybean Glycine max cultivars and associated anti-herbivore activity $58,891.01 4/1/2017 3/31/2019
J-001728 Menassa, Rima Innovative synthetic biology approach for the production of particulate subunit vaccines to be used for oral immunization and protection of farm animals $180,398.00 4/2/2018 3/31/2021
J-001729 Gariepy, Tara Development of a reduced-risk control strategy for the invasive Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Halyomorpha halys, using an exotic parasitoid, Trissolcus japonicus $202,500.00 4/1/2018 3/31/2021
J-001732 Cui, Yuhai The best of both worlds: integrating mineral and microbial-based nutrition for improved nitrogen use efficiency in crop plants $256,758.00 4/2/2018 3/31/2021
J-001733 Svircev, Antonet Development and stabilization of bacteriophage-mediated biopesticide for control of fire blight in apple orchards $279,865.00 4/1/2018 3/31/2021
J-001739 Donly, Cam Trap plants for selective thrips control in greenhouse horticulture $255,300.00 4/1/2018 3/31/2021
J-001740 Szczyglowski, Krzysztof Engineering root nodule formation in cereal crops  $29,999.00 4/1/2018 3/31/2019
J-001741 Wang, Aiming Development of genetic resistance to plum pox virus in peach and characterization of resistance mechanism $424,997.00 4/1/2018 3/31/2021
J-001742 Sumarah, Mark Evaluation of fungal endophytes for integrated pest management of blueberry bushes and grapevines $265,000.00 4/1/2018 3/31/2021
J-001752 Parent, Jean-Philippe Use of disruptive noise as a sustainable agricultural insect pest management practice: proof of concept $100,004.00 4/1/2018 3/31/2021
J-001783 Austin, Ryan An integrated systems resource of regulatory sites, chromatin dynamics and metabolomic variance for improved water stress response strategies in forage crops $109,996.00 4/1/2018 3/31/2021
J-001826 Gijzen, Mark Enhancing soybean sustainability through new approaches to control diseases $300,003.00 4/1/2018 3/31/2021
J-001838 Parent, Jean-Philippe Integrated management of root weevil/white grub complex in berries $100,000.00 5/1/2018 3/31/2021
J-001861 Sumarah, Mark Environmental concentration of veterinary and human drug substances in surface water and sediment $96,000.00 6/18/2018 3/31/2019
J-001890 Renkema, Justin Determining efficacy of non-chemical options and biopesticides against cyclamen mite in field strawberry $89,999.99 9/1/2018 3/31/2020
J-001943 Parent, Jean-Philippe Impact, management and mitigation of grapevine virus diseases in Ontario $352,068.99 4/2/2018 3/31/2023
*: The budget amount represents the forecast total project costs (not actual spending), including any offsets by revenues received from outside agencies/partners. It includes operations and maintenance funds used to purchase goods or services. It does not include salary dollars for staff working on the projects or any grant or contribution funds provided to outside partners for work on the projects.
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