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Mlynarek, Julia, Ph.D.

This page contains a list of publications. A full profile of this scientist is available atJulia Mlynarek.

Research publications


Other science related publications


  • Mlynarek, J., LaFlair, A., Zhang, K., Vilcu, P., Sim, K., Rizzato, R., Gagnier, D. and Labbe, R. 2020. Predatory capacity and life histories of two native North American nabids, Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association meeting, Niagara falls, ON.


  • Labbe, R. and Mlynarek. J. 2019. Evaluating biological control strategies for the tomato leafmining moth (Tuta absoluta), a potential invasive greenhouse pest. Report to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Jan 30, 2019
  • Otani, J., Weiss, R., Trudel, S., Giffen, D., Turkington, T.K., Svendsen, E., Parent, JP., Mylnarek, J., Olfert, O., Vankosky, M. 2019. Prairie Pest Monitoring Network Weekly Update e-Bulletin May 30, 2019 edition. 2019 (8): 1-25.


  • Mlynarek, JJ, Sim, K, Hiltz, K, McDonald, MR and Blatt, S. 2018. Who likes onions? Distribution and feeding preference in Eastern Canadian onion. Joint Annual Meeting of the ESC/ESBC and ESA, Vancouver, November.
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