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The Glomeromycetes in vitro Collection - Inoculum propagation

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Description - In vivo propagation in pot culture

Propagation's methodology of AM fungi in pot culture (in vivo): the starting AM inoculum, provided under the form of gel plugs (left), is deposited at the proximity of the roots of a plantlet (centre). Once the roots get colonized, the spores and the AM mycelium network are differentiated throughout the rhizosphere (right).

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Description - In vitro propagation on excised roots

Propagation's methodology of AM fungi: a gel plug extracted from an in vitro culture of excised roots (1 and 2) is replaced by an inoculum gel plug transfered from a starting inoculum preserved at 4°C in an Eppendorf (3). The resulting product is a monoxenic cultures of the AM fungi (4).

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