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The Glomeromycetes in vitro Collection - Inoculum distribution

AM fungal strains from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Glomeromycetes in vitro Collection (GINCO) are provided in vials containing spores and mycelium embedded in a gel medium. Each vial contains 5-6 gel plugs extracted from a monoxenic culture.

Figure 12: Fungal material under the form of gel plugs

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Long-term preservation of the AM inoculum: gel plugs containing spores and mycelium are extracted from a monoxenic in vitro culture (left) and transfered axenically in an Eppendorf and preserved at 4°C.

Figure 13: Vials used for strain distribution
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Each gel plug contains more than enough fungal material to start cultures, even though the cultures are intended to start an in vitro or in vivo propagations. For laboratories requiring larger more fungal material, whole Petri dish cultures may also be available. Each Petri dish contains the equivalent of 10 to 12 vials.

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