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C. A Fascinating Fauna (Continued)

10H-2. Whip cicadas - tan to orange veins

Okanagana hesperia (Uhler), (=Tibicinoides hesperius)

Okanagana hesperia

Adults: Head 6.5-7.5 mm wide; overall length (wings folded) 3 cm.

Front wings 2.5 times as long as wide. Orange with pattern on thorax and basal segments of abdomen black; basal third of fore wings brown, more or less separated by a transverse groove from transparent wing tips; underneath tawny yellow strongly marked with black, abdomen palest.

Song: A repeated, medium pitched buzz Footnote 1.

Range: Intermontane valleys and foothills of the Rocky Mountains from California to Texas, north to Utah and southern Montana along the Yellowstone River Valley.

Okanagana yakimaensis Davis

Adults: Head 6.5 mm wide; overall length (wings folded) 3 cm. Front wings 2.5 times as long as wide. Hairy and almost entirely tan coloured, eyes darker.

Song: Unknown.

Range: Known only from Yakima, Washington state, on the western edge of the arid Columbia basin.

Okanagana balli Davis Short-grass Prairie Cicada

Adults: Head 6 mm wide; overall length (wings folded) 2.5 cm. Front wings 3 times as long as wide. Head black; upper side of body orange patterned with black; underneath tawny yellow, marked with black at base of abdomen.

Song: Unknown.

Range: Northern Great Plains, from Kansas north to Montana, east to Minnesota and Illinois.

Okanagana tristis Van Duzee (=O. davisi Simons)

Adults: Head 8 mm wide; overall length (wings folded) 3.5-3.8 cm. Upper side black with pale markings only faint; underside with streaks on legs and midline to tip of abdomen bright orange.

Song: Unknown.

Range: California north to Mt. Ranier in (Washington) state.

See The North America Genera and Picture Guide

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