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C. A Fascinating Fauna (Continued)

10A. Check List


Abbreviations States/Provinces
AB Alberta
BC British Columbia
CT Connecticut
IA Iowa
ID Idaho
MA Maryland
MB Manitoba
ME Maine
MI Michigan
MN Minnesota
MT Montana
NB New Brunswick
ND North Dakota
NH New Hampshire
NS Nova Scotia
NWT North West Territories
NY New York
OH Ohio
ON Ontario
OR Oregon
PA Pennsylvania
PEI Prince Edward Island
QC Quebec
RI Rhode Island
SD South Dakota
SK Saskatchewan
VT Vermont
WA Washington
WI Wisconsin

Description of this image follows.

Map of continental North America naming provinces and states where the 47 species of northern cicadas are found

Check list of northern cicadas (47 species, 66 names) with current names in boldface. The abbreviations in capital letters represent the provinces of Canada (in boldface) and states of the USA.

Cicada characterea Germar (=Neocicada hieroglyphica)
C. engelhardti Davis (=T. lyricen)
C. erratica Osborn (=Diceroprocta vitripennis)
C. hieroglyphica (see Neocicada hieroglyphica)
C. johannis Walker (=Neocicada hieroglyphica)
C. marginata Say (=Tibicen pronotalis)
C. reperta Uhler (=Diceroprocta vitripennis)
C. tibicen L. (see Tibicen tibicen)

Cicadetta (Melampsalta) calliope (Walker) - IL, IA, MN, OH (Section 10J)
C. (Melampsalta) kansa (Davis) - SD (Section 10J)

Diceroprocta apache (Davis) - occasional importation (Section 10E)
D. viridifascia, northern records (=D. ?vitripennis)
D. vitripennis (Say) - IL, IN, MI, PA (Section 10E)

Magicicada cassinii (Fisher) - CT, IL, IN, IA, MA, MI, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT (Section 10C)
M. cassinii tredecassini Alexander and Moore
M. septendecim (L.) - CT, IL, IN, IA, MA, MI, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT; ON (Section 10C)
M. septendecim tredecim Walsh & Riley
M. septendecim neotredecim Marshall & Cooley
M. septendecula Alexander & Moore (=septendecim × cassinii?) - IL, IN, NY, OH (Section 10C)
M. septendecula tredecula Alexander & Moore (Section 10C)

Neocicada hieroglyphica (Say) - IL, NY, PA (Section 10G)
Neoplatypedia ampliata (Van Duzee) - ID (Section 10F)
Neoplatypedia constricta Davis - OR (Section 10F)
Okanagana annulata Davis (= bella × lurida?)- ID (Section 10H-4)
O. balli Davis - IL, IA, MN, MT, SD (Section 10H-2)
O. bella Davis (= O. occidentalis?) - ID, MT, OR, SD, WA; AB, BC (Section 10H-4)
O. canadensis (Provancher) - ME, MI, NH, NY, PA; AB, BC, MB, NB, NWT, ON, QC, SK (Section 10H-3)
O. californica Distant (=O. vanduzeei)
O. cruentifera (Uhler) - MT, WA (Section 10H-1)
O. davisi Simons (=O. tristis)
O. gibbera Davis (= O. lurida?) - OR, WA
O. hesperia (Uhler) - MT (Section 10H-2)
O. lurida Davis - ID, OR, WA; BC (Section 10H-1)
O. luteobasalis Davis (=canadensis × occidentalis?) - ID, MT, ND; AB (Section 10H-4)
O. noveboracensis Emmons - NY; ON (Section 10H-4)
O. occidentalis (Walker) - ID, MT, OR, WA; AB, BC, MB, SK (Section 10H-4)
O. oregona Davis - ID, MT, OR; BC (Section 10H-3)
O. ornata (Van Duzee) - OR; BC (Section 10H-1)
O. rimosa (Say) - IL, IN, IA, ME, MA, MI, MN, MT, NH, NY, ND, OH, PA, SD, VT, WI; AB, MB, NB, NS, ON, QC, SK (Section 10H-3)
O. striatipes Haldeman - OR, WA (Section 10H-4)
O. synodica (Say) - MT, ND, SD; AB (Section 10H-1)
O. tristis Van Duzee - OR, WA (Section 10H-2)
O. utahensis Davis - ID, OR, WA (Section 10H-4)
O. vanduzeei Distant - ID, OR, WA; BC (Section 10H-4)
O. yakimaensis Davis - WA (Section 10H-2)

Platypedia areolata (Uhler) - ID, MT, OR, WA; BC (Section 10F)
P. minor (Uhler) - OR (Section 10F)
P. putnami (Uhler) - ID, MT, OR, SD, WA; BC (Section 10F)

Rihana australis Davis (=Tibicen chloromerus)
Tibicen auletes (Germar) - CT, MA, MI, NY, OH, PA; ON (Section 10D-2)
T. canicularis (Harris) - CT, IL, IA, ME, MA, MI, MN, NH, NY, ND, OH, PA, SD, WI; MB, NB, NS, ON, PEI, QC, SK (Section 10D-1)
T. dealbatus Davis - MT, ND, SD (Section 10D)
T. dorsatus (Say) - IL, IA, OH, SD (Section 10D)
T. fulvula Osborn (=T. lyricen)
T. latifasciatus Davis (=T. pruinosus latifasciatus)
T. linnei (Smith & Grossbeck) - CT, IL, IA, ME, MA, MI, MN, NY, OH, PA; ON (Section 10D-1)
T. lyricen (DeGeer) - CT, IN, MA, NY, OH, PA; NB, ON (Section 10D)
T. marginalis Walker (=T. pronotalis)
T. pronotalis Davis - IA, IL, IN, ND, OH, SD (Section 10D-2)
T. pruinosus (Say) - IL, IN, MA, NY, OH, PA (Section 10D-1)
T. resonans, northern records (=T. pronotalis)
T. pruinosus latifasciatus Davis - PA
T. pruinosus winnemanna (Davis) - IL, PA
T. robinsonianus Davis (=linnei × canicularis?) - OH, ON (Section 10D-1)
T. sayi (Smith & Grossbeck) (=T. tibicen)
T. superbus (Fitch) - occasional importation (Section 10D)
T. tibicen (Linnaeus)- CT, MA, MI, NY, OH, PA; ON (Section 10D-1)
T. vitripennis (see Diceroprocta vitripennis)
T. walkeri Metcalf (=T. pronotalis)
T. winnemanna (Davis) (=T. pruinosus winnemanna)

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