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C. A Fascinating Fauna (Continued)

8H. Madagascar and Associated Islands

Map showing biogeographic regions. Origins, faunal exchanges and ancient dispersal routes across oceans are presented. Description of this image follows.

The species of these offshore islands are entirely endemic (native), but many of the genera share distributions with remarkably widespread affinities (Asian, Australian and even South American), as contrasted to very few derived from the adjacent African mainland. The only species on the island of Socotra is not related to the cicadas on the adjacent horn of Africa, but instead has its congeners on the Mauritius islands far to the south, and on Australia.

Cicada species occurring in more than one region of the world are marked with an asterisk (*).

Family Cicadidae - Subfamily Cicadinae
Tribe *Cicadini (world-wide)
*Cicada: 1 species (mostly northern Eurasian)

Tribe Distantadini
Distantada: 2 species (Rodrigues Island)

Tribe *Platypleurini (Old World tropical)
*Kongota: 2 species (Comoro Islands, Madagascar; also African)
*Platypleura: 1 species (Madagascar, Old World tropical)
*Pycna: 1 species (mostly African)

Tribe *Tibicenini (mostly northern hemisphere)
Antankaria: 3 species (Madagascar, Seychelle Islands)
*Chremistica: 6 species (Madagascar, Seychelle Islands; mostly Asian)
*Macrotristria: 1 species (Madagascar; mostly Australian)
*Tibicen: 1 species (Madagascar; world-wide)

Subfamily Cicadettinae
Tribe *Chlorocystini (southern hemisphere) =Gymnotympanini
Cephalalna: 1 species
Dinarobia: 1 species (Mauritius)
Fractuosella: 3 species (Mauritius; mostly African)

Tribe *Hemidictyini (also S. American)
Hovana: 1 species (Madagascar)

Tribe *Parnisini (pan-tropical)
Crassisternalna: 1 species (Madagascar)
Jafuna: 1 species (Madagascar)
Malgotilia: 1 species (Madagascar)
Rhinopsalta: 1 species (Madagascar)

Tribe *Taphurini (southern hemisphere)
*Abricta: 2 species (Mauritius, Socotra; mostly Australian)
*Abroma: 6 species (Madagascar, Mauritius; mostly Asian, also S. American)
Anopercalna: 4 species (Madagascar)
Ligymolpa: 1 species (Madagascar)
Malagachialna: 1 species (Madagascar)
Malagasia: 3 species (Madagascar)
*Nelcyndana: 1 species (Madagascar; also Asian)
*Trismarcha: 2 species (Madagascar; mostly African)
Viettealna: 1 species (Madagascar)

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