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C. A Fascinating Fauna (Continued)

8G. Southeast Asia

Map showing biogeographic regions. Origins, faunal exchanges and ancient dispersal routes across oceans are presented. Description of this image follows.

The 900 cicada species from southern and eastern Asia are largely endemic (native), with some of the fauna originating from adjacent areas.

Cicada species occurring in more than one region of the world are marked with an asterisk (*).

Family Cicadidae - Subfamily Cicadinae
Tribe *Cicadini (world-wide)
*Cicada: 5 species (mostly northern Eurasian)
*Cicadatra: 8 species (mostly Asian)
Emathia: 1 species
Leptosemia: 4 species
Nipponosemia: 3 species
Onomacritus: 1 species
*Psalmocharias: 1 species
Taungia: 1 species
Vagitans: 2 species

Tribe *Dundubiini
Ayesha: 3 species
Ayuthia: 1 species
Basa: 1 species
Brachylobopyga: 3 species
Calcagninus: 3 species
*Cosmopsaltria: 12 species (also Asia, Pacific islands)
*Diceropyga: 1 species
Dilobopyga: 11 species
Dokuma: 2 species
Dundubia: 24 species
Euterpnosia: 23 species
Gudaba: 4 species
Haphsa: 11 species (=Aola)
Hyalessa: 1 species
Inthaxara: 3 species
Kamalata: 2 species
Khimbya: 5 species
Leptopsaltria: 6 species
Lethama: 1 species
Macrosemia: 13 species
Mata: 2 species
Maua: 9 species
Meimuna: 27 species
Nabalua: 6 species
Orientopsaltria: 23 species
Platylomia: 32 species (=Champaka)
Purana: 51 species
Puranoides: 3 species
*Rhadinopyga: 3 species (also Pacific islands)
Rustia: 2 species
Semia: 2 species
Sinapsaltria: 2 species
Sinosemia: 3 species
Taiwanosemia: 1 species
Tanna: 31 species (=Neotanna)
Terpnosia: 36 species
Tosena: 7 species
Trengganua: 1 species

Tribe *Gaeanini (mostly Asian)
Ambragaeana: 2 species
Balinta: 8 species
Gaeana: 16 species
Sinopsaltria: 1 species
Taona: 2 species

Tribe Hamzini
Becquartina: 3 species
Hamza: 1 species

Tribe Lahugadini
Lahugada: 1 species

Tribe *Moganniini
Mogannia: 30 species

Tribe Oncotympanini
Oncotympana: 12 species

Tribe *Platypleurini (Old World tropical)*Afzeliada: 1 species (mostly African)
Hainanosemia: 1 species
Kalabita: 1 species
*Munza: 1 species (mostly African)
*Platypleura: 45 species (Old World tropical)
*Pycna: 7 species (mostly African)
Suisha: 2 species

Tribe Polyneurini
Angamiana: 6 species
Formotosena: 2 species
Graptopsaltria: 4 species
Polyneura: 8 species

Tribe *Psithyristriini
Caliginopsaltria: 1 species
Pomponia: 43 species
Psithystria: 5 species

Tribe Tacuini
Tacua: 1 species

Tribe Talaingini
Talainga: 5 species
Paratalainga: 5 species

Tribe *Tibicenini (mostly northern hemisphere)
*Chremistica: 41 species (also Madagascar, Seychelles)
Cryptotympata: 52 species (=Tibicen?)
Salvazana: 1 species
*Tibicen: 21 species (world-wide)

Subfamily Cicadettinae 
Tribe *Chlorocystini (southern hemisphere) = Gymnotympanini

*Aedeastria: 3 species (mostly Pacific islands)
*Baeturia: 6 species (mostly Pacific islands)
*Gymnotympana: 4 species (mostly Pacific islands)
Kumanga: 1 species
Muda: 4 species

Tribe *Cicadettini (world-wide)
*Cicadetta: 14 species (almost world-wide)
Curvicicada: 2 species
Leptopsalta: 11 species
Linguacicada: 1 species
Paharia: 6 species
*Pauropsalta: 1 species (mostly Australian)
Scolopita: 4 species
Subpsaltria: 1 species
Takapsalta: 2 species
Tibeta: 4 species
*Toxopeusella: 1 species (also Pacific islands)

Tribe Huechysini
Graptotettix: 3 species
Huechys: 19 species
Katoa: 6 species =Lisu
Parvittya: 1 species
Scieroptera: 18 species

Tribe *Parnisini (pan-tropical)
*Bijaurana: 1 species (also African)
*Lycurgus: 2 species (also African)
*Quintilia: 1 species (mostly African)
*Taipinga: 1 species (mostly African)

Tribe *Prasiini (Old World tropical)
Jacatra: 1 species
*Lembeja: 21 species (also Australia, New Guinea)
Mariekea: 6 species
Prasia: 8 species

Tribe Sinosenini
Karenia: 2 species
Sinosena: 1 species

Tribe *Taphurini (southern hemisphere)
*Abricta: 1 species (mostly Australian)
*Abroma: 11 species (also Madagascar, Mauritius and S. America)
Hea: 3 species
Lemuriana: 3 species
*Nelcyndana: 1 species (also Madagascar)
*Panka: 1 species (mostly African)

 Subfamily Tibicininae
Tribe *Tibicinini (mostly northern hemisphere)
*Tibicina: 1 species (mostly Mediterranean)

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