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Javorek, Steve, M.Sc.

Research Biologist

Contact Information:

32 Main St.
Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 1J5
Telephone: 902-365-8559
Fax: 902-365-8455

Areas of Expertise:

  • bio-indicators
  • wildlife habitat
  • berry crops
  • pollination
  • biodiversity
  • community ecology
  • bees
  • native bees
  • leafcutting bees
  • hymenoptera
  • entomology
  • landscape ecology

Current Projects:

  • Conservation and sustainable use of beneficial hymenoptera in wild blueberry agro-systems
  • Develop and evaluate management practices making agriculture and biodiversity compatible.
  • Develop benchmarks and indicators for biodiversity measurements under NAHARP and conduct monitoring of and sharing of information concerning key indicator species
  • Effect of wild bee guild composition on pollination levels of lowbwush blueberry
  • Relationship between alfalfa leafcutting bee release rates, dispersal patterns and leaf selection on pollination

Research publications


  • Javorek, S.K., Grant, M.C., and Fillmore, S.A.E. (2016). "Wildlife Habitat.", in Clearwater, R.L., Martin, T. and Hoppe, T. (eds.) - Environmental sustainability of Canadian agriculture: Agri-environmental indicator report series -- Report #4, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Chapter 7, pp. 64-76.



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  • Kennedy, C.M., Lonsdorf, E., Neel, M.C., Williams, N.M., Ricketts, T.H., Winfree, R., Bommarco, R., Brittain, C., Burley, A.L., Cariveau, D., Carvalheiro, L.G., Chacoff, N.P., Cunningham, S.A., Danforth, B.N., Dudenhöffer, J.H., Elle, E., Gaines, H.R., Garibaldi, L.A., Gratton, C., Holzschuh, A., Isaacs, R., Javorek, S.K., Jha, S., Klein, A.M., Krewenka, K., Mandelik, Y., Mayfield, M.M., Morandin, L., Neame, L.A., Otieno, M., Park, M., Potts, S.G., Rundlöf, M., Saez, A., Steffan-Dewenter, I., Taki, H., Viana, B.F., Westphal, C., Wilson, J.K., Greenleaf, S.S., Kremen, C. (2013). A global quantitative synthesis of local and landscape effects on wild bee pollinators in agroecosystems, 16(5), 584-599.


Other science related publications


  • Cardinal S, Javorek S, Guarna MM, Pernal SF (2016) Health of bee pollinators in Canadian agricultural landscapes. Science Day – Biodiversity and Bioresources Ottawa Research and Development Centre, 1-2 Dec 2016, Ottawa, ON.


  • Javorek, S.K. (2012). "The Relationship between Landscape Pattern and Native Bees in PEI.", PEI Blueberry Growers Association Annual Meeting, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, April 12, 2012.
  • Pernal, S.F., Cardinal, S., and Javorek, S.K. (2012). "The Importance, Diversity and Status of Canada’s Pollinator Resources: A Synthesis of Current AAFC Research.", Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Research Branch Speaker Series, National Headquarters Complex for the Agriculture Portfolio (NHCAP), Ottawa, ON, Canada, June 26, 2012. (Presentation)


  • Javorek, S.K. and Grant, M.C. (2011). Trends in wildlife habitat capacity on agricultural land in Canada, 1986-2006. Canadian Biodiversity: Ecosystem Status and Trends 2010, Technical Thematic Report No. 14., Canadian Councils of Resource Ministers, Ottawa. (Report)
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