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Kroebel, Roland, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Contact Information:

5403 - 1 Avenue South
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J4B1
Telephone: 403-317-3434
Fax: 403-317-2197

Areas of Expertise:

  • Ecosystem modeling in agriculture
  • Climate change
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • N cycling

Current Projects:

  • An ecological approach, based on carbon flows within the model HOLOS, for understanding responses of Canadian farms to prospective management practices and global changes
  • Agri-environmental indicators on farm level - ammonia volatilization

Research publications







  • Singh, B., Ryan, J.J., Campbell, C.A., and Kröbel, R. (2015). "Nutrient Management and Water Use Efficiency for Sustainable Production of Rainfed Crops in the World’s Dry Areas.", in Drechsel, P., Heffer, P., Magen, H., Mikkelsen, R., Wichelns, D. (eds.) - Managing Water and Fertilizer for Sustainable Agricultural Intensification, First edition.


  • Grant, B.B., Smith, W.N., Campbell, C.A., Desjardins, R.L., Lemke, R.L., Kröbel, R., McConkey, B.G., and Smith, E.G. (2014). "Comparison of DayCent and DNDC models: Case studies using data from long-term experiments on the Canadian prairies.", in Del Grosso, S., Parton, B., Lajpat, A. (eds.) - Advances in Modeling Agricultural Systems: Trans-disciplinary Research, Synthesize, Modeling, and Applications, Volume 5, ASA, CSSA, and SSSA, Madison, WI, USA.



Other science related publications


  • J. Dairy Sci. Vol. 100 (Suppl. 2):265.


  • Bittman, S., Hunt, D., Koenig, K., Duynisveld, J., Mckenzie, D., Kroebel, R., and Haak, D. "Semi-Virtual Model Farmlets to Study Nutrients in Livestock Farms: Proposed Dairy System Case Study. 2016. ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting 2016-Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 6-9.


  • Alemu, A.W., Little, S.M., Hao, X., Iwaasa, A.D., Baron, V.S., Chai, L.L., Janzen, H.H., Beauchemin, K.A., Thompson, D., and Kröbel, R. (2015). "Application of life cycle assessment approach to beef production systems in the Canadian prairies with regard to environmental impact and energy use efficiency.", LCA Conference XV - A bright green future, Vancouver, Canada, October 6-8, 2015, Presentation.
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  • Kröbel, R., Janzen, H.H., Ellert, B.H., Beauchemin, K.A., and McAllister, T.A. (2015). "Agriculture is neither the culprit nor the solution to Climate Change.", “Our Common Future under Climate Change” Conference, Paris, France, July 7-10, 2015. (Poster)
  • Kröbel, R., Li, S., Little, S.M., Vanin, C., and Janzen, H.H. (2015). "Calculating greenhouse gases from the Black-Brook watershed, New Brunswick, using the Holos model.", Conference “On Sustainability 2015”, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Little, S.M., Beauchemin, K.A., Benchaar, C., Chai, L.L., Janzen, H.H., Kröbel, R., McGeough, E.J., and VanderZaag, A.C. (2015). "Demonstrating the effect of diet on the carbon footprint of a Canadian dairy scenario using whole-systems analysis and the Holos model: corn silage vs. alfalfa silage.", LCA Conference XV - A bright green future, Vancouver, Canada, October 6-8, 2015, Presentation.
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  • Kröbel, R. (2012). "HOLOS – a GHG calculator growing up.", 50th Annual Alberta Soil Science Workshop, Lethbridge, AB, Canada, February 19-21, 2013. (Presentation)
  • Kröbel, R. (2012). "HOLOS – current projects and development visions.", NJF Seminar 453 Agriculture and greenhouse gases, Oslo, Norway, November 5-6, 2012. (Presentation)
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  • Smith, W.N., Grant, B.B., Campbell, C.A., McConkey, B.G., Desjardins, R.L., Kröbel, R., and Malhi, S.S. (2011). "Analysis and inter-model comparisons of crop residue removal effects on soil carbon.", 2011 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting: Fundamental for life: soil, crop and environmental sciences, San Antonio, TX, USA, October 16-19, 2011. (Poster)
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