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Holos software program

Holos is a whole-farm model and software program that estimates greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions based on information entered for individual farms. The main purpose of Holos is to test possible ways of reducing GHG emissions from farms and is available at no cost to users.

Holos: a tool to estimate and reduce greenhouse gases from farms

Users can select scenarios and farm management practices that best describe their operation and then adjust these practices to see the effect on emissions. Examples of these adjustments include changing livestock feed, reducing tillage or including perennial forages in rotation.

Once information is entered into the program, Holos estimates carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane emissions. The sources of emissions include enteric fermentation and manure management, cropping systems and energy use. Carbon storage and loss from lineal tree plantings and changes in land use and management are also estimated. The result is a greenhouse gas emission estimate for the whole farm that can help the user identify ways to reduce farm emissions.

Holos is continually being updated with new data and improved features. Holos Version 3.0, released in May 2017, includes the addition of a basic economics cost/benefit analysis sub-component as well as the ability to input farm details in Imperial units of measure. It is available in both English and French.

Holos 3.0.6 (ZIP format, 2.61 MB)

We welcome feedback from researchers, farmers and industry to help us improve this software. For more information on Holos, please contact

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