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Food Soybean Database for Industry

Canadian soybean production has been steadily climbing since the 1980s. Canada offers world-class expertise on soybean composition and product quality and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) researchers are playing a role in helping industry with a soybean database. The Canadian Food-Grade Soybean Database was initiated in 2005 to address requests for information about Canadian soybean varieties grown for soy food manufacturing. The database has recently been upgraded onto an interactive platform by the Ontario Soybean and Canola Committee (OSACC) and includes varieties grown in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and other emerging production areas.

At AAFC's research centre in Harrow, samples are analysed for composition using near infrared spectroscopy. Properties of interest to the international soy food industry are evaluated, including sucrose, oligosaccharides, total fermentable carbohydrates and total isoflavones. The searchable database enables users to compare sub-sets of varieties, search by composition, and compare historical data to identify varieties that meet their needs.

The database is a collaborative effort. Varieties are included in the food-grade database by their sponsors on a voluntary basis and must be currently available or soon to be released. The soybean samples are collected from the Ontario Soybean Variety Trials conducted by the OSACC. These are replicated, inspected trials conducted by public and private cooperators that provide an objective sample set grown under uniform conditions for comparison.

By contributing scientific data to this database, AAFC researchers are supporting industry expertise in this fast growing market.

For more information: Canadian Food-Grade Soybean Database.

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