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Eat Your Pulses (Video)

View this video to learn more about the wonderful world of Canadian pulses. Then, explore all the delicious and surprising recipes using pulses.

Video Transcript

[Fun, playful, modern music starts.]

[The video opens with stop motion of pulses forming the words "Eat Your Pulses".]

Mother: When I was a kid, we used to sing this song,…

[Cut to close-up of beans poured from mug to bowl.]

…"Beans, beans the magical fruit…" Do kids still sing that?

[Cut to overhead shot of bowls of peas, lentils, chickpeas and beans being placed down.]

Daughter: Yes, mom. Everyone knows it.

Mother: Oh.

Daughter: And, actually, they are called pulses. Lentils, peas, chickpeas and beans. Those are all pulses.

[Zoom transition.]

[Stop motion of Canadian flag being constructed out of pulses.]

Daughter: Canada is one of the largest producers and exporters of pulses in the world. We're number one in peas and lentils.

Mother: Oh, really?

[Screen fills with pulses, wipe transition.]

[Stop motion of farm being constructed out of pulses.]

Daughter: Canadian farmers like growing them, too.

Mother: Why's that?

Daughter: They take less energy and water to grow than other crops. They make fewer greenhouse gases. And they improve soil quality.

Mother: How do they improve soil quality?

Daughter: They fix nitrogen into the soil.

Daughter: And inside these tiny little things, there's lots of protein and vitamins and fibre and minerals,…

[Combine harvester made of pulses wipes across screen.]

…like iron, zinc, folate, and magnesium.

[Stop motion of woman lifting dumbbells constructed out of pulses.]

Mother: I did not know that.

Daughter: There're a lot of things people don't know about pulses. Like, they are good for people with diabetes. And they reduce cholesterol and risk of heart disease.

[Animation of pulse woman's arms doing reps with dumbbells.]

And they make me stronger and smarter.

Mother: You're full of beans.

[Cut to close-up of Daughter looking up at Mother.]

[Cut to overhead shot of Daughter's arm wiping away pulse image of women working out.]

Daughter: Full of pulses, you mean. And I am also full of information.

[Stop motion of beakers and test tubes being constructed out of pulses.]

Our Canadian scientists are experts on pulses.

[Close-up of beaker being formed from pulses.]

They are researching how pulses have a good effect…

[Close-up of test tube being formed from pulses.]

…on our tummies and blood.

[Pan to microscope made of pulse.]

And they are finding new ways to put pulses in prepared foods…

[Hands wipe away pulse microscope.]

…so we can get more protein in our diets.

[Screen fills with pulses, wipe transition.]

Mother: [Laughs]

[Overhead image of plant in pot made of pulses.]

Mother: What're your favourite recipes?

[Hands wipe away pulse plant.]

Daughter: Hmm. I like red bean brownies,…

[Close-up of chick peas.]

[Stop motion of carrots and hummus platter being constructed from pulses.]

…smoothies, soups with pulses. Best of all, I like hummus and dipping carrots and chips in it. Yum.

[Zoom transition.]

[Bowl of soup made of pulses.]

Mother: If you eat all those pulses you are going to get gassy.

[Bowl of soup changes from grey to green. Sound of small horn.]

Daughter: Um. No. If you rinse them and cook them properly, you won't get gas.

[Bowl of soup changes back to grey from green.]

Mother: Where did you learn all this?

[Screen fills with pulses, wipe transition.]

Daughter: There's this thing called the In-ter-net.

[Stop motion of pulses spelling out "Eat Your Beans".]

Daughter: 2016 is International Year of Pulses.

[Cut to close-up of pulses spelling "Beans" being wiped away.]

Can I celebrate with some carrots and hummus?

[Stop motion of pulses being placed to spell "Pulses" under "Eat Your".]


Mother: Yes, my little sweet pea.

Text on screen:

[Overhead shot of pulses being pulled back.]

Mother: For pulse recipes…

[Overhead shot of pulses filling in space.]

Text on screen:

[Overhead shot of pulses being pulled back again.]

Daughter: For pulse science…

[Cut to bowls and cups of pulses being taken away from a white background.]

Mother: For more Canadian pulses…

Together: Go to the grocery store!

[Fun, playful, modern music fades out.]

[Cut to white screen with Government of Canada logo.]

Text on screen: Canada, © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (2015).

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