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Ahead of the Herd in Cutting Cattle Carbon (Video)

A new study led by an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researcher has revealed that Canada's beef sector has reduced its environmental footprint over the past 30 years. The team of researchers found that production of one kilogram of beef creates 15% fewer greenhouse gas emissions during their study of the Canadian beef sector's environmental footprint between 1981 and 2011.

Video transcript

[Fast, beat-driven electronic music starts.]

[The video opens with three bars of colour on the screen. The bottom bar shows a soft image of a herd of Canadian cattle in an expansive pasture on a sunny day. The title of the video appears over the middle and bottom bars.]

Text on screen: Ahead of the Herd in Cutting Cattle Carbon

[The bars of colour wipe off the screen and leave behind the image of the herd of Canadian cattle at pasture.]

[The image of the herd of cattle rotates and recedes slightly. As it recedes, the image change to hay bales in a field. Other image bars slide in around it.]

[There are six image bars in total. From left to right; a scientist examining a beaker, a cow standing in a pasture looking at the camera, a restaurant plate with a perfectly grilled filet mignon, hay bales in a field, a chef holding a plate with a perfectly cooked steak, an extreme close up of a grass-like crop.]

[The image of the filet mignon now changes to show a bowl of Asian style sautéed vegetables with beef.]

[The three bars on the left of the screen suddenly fly off screen to the left, revealing a light background. Text slides out from underneath the remaining images and fills the lighter area.]

Text on screen: 15% reduction of greenhouse gases in 30 years

[The image of the grass-like crop now changes to show mature corn in a field.]

…generates 15% less greenhouse gases now than it did 30 years ago.

[Fast, beat-driven electronic music continues.]

[The image of the hay bays in a field now changes to show hay bales being transported on a rural road.]

[The three images on screen now suddenly slide all the way to the left, pushing the text off the screen and creating a new light background space on the right hand side.]

Canadian beef producers have improved efficiencies…

[Text slides into the light background space from the right.]

[The image of the chef holding a plate with a perfectly cooked steak now changes to an image of a greenhouse used for agricultural science research.]

Text on screen: Improved efficiencies

…in their operations, while reducing…

[Additional text slides into the lighter background space from the bottom.]

Text on screen: Lower environmental impact

…their impact on the environment.

[The three images and the text suddenly fly off the screen to the bottom. They are quickly replaced by new images.]

[There are now four images on the screen. From left to right; an aerial view of Canadian farmland, a cow standing in a Canadian pasture, a scientist working with state-of-the-art laboratory gear, and a herd of Canadian cattle looking at the camera.]

[Over these images, a light green box appears with text. Beside this box is an image of a man. This is Dr. Tim McAllister, a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.]

Now we can finally see how important those improvements are.

[Fast, beat-driven electronic music continues.]

Text on screen: "The decreased emissions and reduced resource requirements to produce beef over the past few decades wouldn't have happened if it weren't for investments in research and development, and the industry's ability to adopt those technologies." Dr. Tim McAllister, research scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

[The box with the text and the image of Dr. McAllister flip suddenly and disappear. They reveal the four images from earlier.]

[The four images quickly slide off the screen to the bottom, one at a time revealing the light background.]

[The colour bars from the beginning of the video now appear back on the screen. Text appears over the colour bars.]

To learn more, visit our website or contact our Media Services unit.

Text on screen:,, 1-866-345-7972

[The screen flashes to white. The colour bars and text are replaced with the Canada wordmark and copyright statement.]

Text on screen: Canada, ©Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (2016)

[Fast, beat-driven electronic music fades out.]

[Fade to black]

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