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AgWeather Quebec: For better decisions in farming (Video)

Developed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, AgWeather Quebec is a website designed specifically to help producers and agricultural advisors across Quebec with tools that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of farm management decisions -- for crop protection, management of inputs, pesticide application, or soil nutrients. Learn more about this indispensable tool.

Video transcript

[Upbeat modern music fades in.]

[Image of potato plants in a field. Text appears.]

Text on screen: AgWeather Quebec

[The text separates, revealing new text.]

Text on screen: For better decisions in farming

Voice of René Audet: Producers have to deal with a variety of climate issues—extreme events, heat waves, rainfall events.

[Cut to sunrise in a corn field, then to a storm over an agricultural region. Then cut to René Audet. ]

Text on screen: René Audet, agrometeorologist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

René Audet: With this tool, people can monitor weather conditions and properly identify any problems when they happen.

[Cut to sunrise on a grain farm. Then cut to Gaétan Bourgeois.]

Text on screen: Gaétan Bourgeois, Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Gaétan Bourgeois:  Over the years, we’ve developed a wide range of systems, and they’ve been incorporated into a software called CIPRA – It’s the French acronym, but translates as “Computer Centre for Agricultural Pest Forecasting”….

[Cut to farmer looking over a young corn field, consulting a tablet computer.]

…It was decided that AgWeather Quebec is an ideal format to keep those models alive and to share them in an effective way.

[Cut to René Audet.]

René Audet:

AgWeather Quebec is a website that disseminates weather information. The website is designed specifically for agriculture.

[Cut to farmer walking through rows of young corn plants.]

It contains data, information and decision support tools to help producers and agricultural advisors with better farm management…

[Cut to René Audet]

…whether it’s for crop protection, management of inputs, pesticide application, or soil nutrients.

[Cut to farmer kneeling and inspecting young corn plants. Then cut to Gaétan Bourgeois.]

Gaétan Bourgeois:  AgWeather Quebec incorporates a number of bioclimatic models. They essentially allow us to make links between climate…

[Cut to saw fly on a leaf.]

…and the development of insects…

[Cut to diseased shoots on wheat.]

…the development of diseases…

[Cut to image of a potato field in bloom.]

…or the development of crops—like predicting crop flowering and maturity date.

[Cut to Luc Bérubé standing in field on his farm, with a small tractor in the background.]

Text on screen: LUC BÉRUBÉ, Producer/agronomist

Luc Bérubé: AgWeather Quebec is useful. There is a lot of information you can get from the site. In fact, AgWeather Quebec has become an indispensable tool for us in our daily work.

[Cut to laptop computer with AgroMeteo interface on the screen.]

[Cut back to Luc Bérubé.]

It’s relatively simple for almost any user: if you know how to use a computer and a mouse and are used to going onto the Web…

[Cut to small grain storage silos and pickup. Farmer walks into the frame with a tablet computer. Cut to René Audet.]

…it’s pretty easy to find your way around the site and the various sources of information.

René Audet:

A mobile app is also available…

[Cut to shot through leaves of potato plant to see hands searching information on a cell phone.]

…The app doesn’t have all the products from the site, but it does have features that are great to have on hand when you’re in the field and have to make decisions.

[Cut to farmer working in apple orchard with a tablet computer, inspecting the trees.]

Voice of Gaétan Bourgeois:  We started slowly, with a few models for apples…

[Cut to overhead shot of a tractor and truck harvesting carrots.]

…and a couple of models for carrots, and with four weather stations.

[Then cut to Gaétan Bourgeois.]

…Now we have 150 or so models for 25 different crops. Through AgWeather Quebec, we have access to weather data…

[Cut to small weather station next to a field of corn.]

… from 325 different weathers stations across Eastern Canada.

[Cut back to Luc Bérubé.]

Luc Bérubé: We’re noticing that weather events and variations in temperature and precipitation are very localized….

[Cut to close up of small weather station.]

…So because of the size of the network, and the number of stations that are on the AgWeather Quebec site, we can see those variations and differences.

[Cut back to Luc Bérubé.]

If there was just one station covering a big area, say 100 square kilometres, we’d be very far from having an accurate picture of the ways things really are.

[Cut to very young corn plants in field at sunset.]

Voice of René Audet:

We’re always in the process of developing other tools. We want to add another 30 or so between now and 2019…

[Cut to Rene Audet.]

…and we also want to improve the weather forecasts. We’re working with Environment Canada to provide short-term weather forecasts so that we can get better accuracy.

[Cut to farmer walking through field. Then cut back to Gaétan Bourgeois.]

Gaétan Bourgeois: With the CIPRA software, we were able to collaborate with a number of people. So whether the purpose is research, development or technology transfer…

[Cut to camera moving between rows of maturing corn plants.]

…there is something here for everyone, because the weather affects us all.

Text on screen: AgWeather Quebec is a partnership of…

[Logos appear on screen for Solutions Mesonet, the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food, Growing Forward 2 and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.]

Text on screen:

Text on screen: AgWeather Quebec is a licensed product of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

[The image dissolves to a green screen with text.]

Text on screen: Innovate. Grow. Prosper. Learn more about agricultural science at

[Cut to the animated Canada wordmark.]

Text on screen: (c) Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (2018)

[The upbeat modern music fades out.]

[Fade to black.]

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