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Agriculture: then and now - Managing pests (Video)

Have you heard of a hopper-dozer? Back then, farmers used all sorts of techniques to protect their crops. We’ve come a long way.

Video transcript

[Upbeat music.]

[White background]

Text on screen: agriculture: then and now

Text on screen: managing pests

[Fade to a black and white picture of a horse pulling a hopper-dozer with animated grasshoppers inside.]

Text on screen: then

Female narrator:
Then: Apples and cabbages had worms,

[A cartoon image of an apple with a worm inside appears on screen.]

Text on screen: worms

…and grain crops were being devastated by grasshoppers.

[A cartoon image of a grasshopper appears on screen.]

Text on screen: grasshoppers

Farmers were often helpless against these pests since control options were few or unknown. Early research did come up with some solutions like the hopper-dozer …

Text on screen: hopper-dozer

…and poison baits to help limit grasshopper populations. But mostly, the bugs and diseases…

Text on screen: bugs and diseases

…were winning.

Text on screen: winning

[Image changes to a black and white picture of a man and a woman in a field.]

Text on screen: now

[Picture gradually turns to colour.]

Now: Thanks to research, there are many ways to protect crops. Farmers closely monitor insect and disease levels…

Text on screen: crop monitoring

…and treat crops only when and where they need to.

[Image changes to a coloured picture of an insect trap.]

From traps…

Text on screen: traps

[Image changes to a coloured picture of various plants in the same field.]

…and companion planting…

Text on screen: companion planting

[Image changes to a coloured picture of one insect attacking another.]

…to regulated use of insecticides and good bugs that prey on bad ones.

Text on screen: good bug vs bad bug

[Image changes to close up of a healthy pear.]

Farmers now have more efficient ways to tackle pests, and to protect our food, our health, and our environment.

[Fade to white.]

We’ve come a long way.

Text on screen: We’ve come a long way.

[Upbeat music fades out.]

[Canada wordmark]

Text on screen: (c) Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food (2017)

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