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The First Sixteen Podcast

The First Sixteen is Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s new podcast series that explores the freshest ideas in agriculture and food. Each episode explores a single topic in depth—digging deep into new practices, innovative ideas, and their impacts on the industry. Learn about Canada’s agricultural sector from the people making the breakthroughs and knocking down the barriers! Farmers and foodies, scientists and leaders, and anyone with an eye on the future of the sector—this podcast is for you! New episodes every two weeks.

Episode 001 - Farmers, innovators! And how good ideas spread.

Interview with Julie Dawson, a beef specialist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and who is also a sixth generation farmer. Listen in on this fascinating discussion about how much farming has and is changing, and how fast.

Episode 002 - Rapid response: Feeding Canadians during the pandemic

Listen in as we shed light on an innovative and nimble collaboration that is addressing food insecurity during the pandemic.

Episode 003 - The science of reconciliation! Bridging Indigenous knowledge with agricultural science

In discussion with two agents of change in the world of agricultural science, we explore a new and brilliant way forward.

Episode 004 - RADARSAT Constellation Mission - Agriculture from space

Learn about the Radarsat Constellation Mission, the type of data that flows from it, its applications in agriculture and how it is used by environmental stewards to work with farmers.

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