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Market Snapshot – Organic Products in the European Union

With the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) lowering trade barriers and an organic equivalency agreement in place, there is a large opportunity in exporting your organic agri-food and seafood products to the European Union (EU).

Video transcript

[Upbeat modern music starts.]

[Fade from black to a view of a field. Three bars appear on top. The title of the video appears on the bars.]

Text on screen: Market Snapshot for Canadian Agri-Food Exporters. Organics in the EU

[Dissolve to a large and busy farmers market in Europe.]

Voice of narrator: The market for organic products in the European Union has always been strong.

[The screen goes to white then dissolves to a time-lapse of the Berlin Cathedral.]

And it continues to grow at an average rate of $1.3 billion dollars per year.

[Screen goes to white, then dissolves to two farmers walking through a wheat field.]

Now Canadian producers and exporters of organic products have more reason to explore the EU market and capture that growth.

[Cut to a shot of grain going into the holding tank of a ship in port.]

[Cut to pan of the front of the EU building with flags on flagpoles waving in front.]

[Dissolve to animation of red maple leaves flying around.]

Canada has enjoyed an Organic Equivalency arrangement with the EU since 2011.

[Sliding in from the left and right are the Canada Organic logo, and the EU Organic Certification logo. In the middle of the screen, an equals sign appears.]

[Dissolve to an image of 4 granola bars side by side.]

In 2016, it expanded to include Certified Canadian Organic processed products containing organic ingredients from third countries.

[The Granola Bars slide over to the right and images of tomatoes, cucumbers, cherries, and blueberries slide in.]

That means both fresh and processed foods certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, are now recognized as organic by the EU.

[An image of peach jam slides in. The logo for the Canada Food Inspection Agency appears on top.]

[All the images slide off the screen together to reveal a shot of the EU building with flags flying in front.]

[Dissolve to two famers inside a greenhouse shaking hands.]

This gives you a competitive advantage with improved access to the EU Market.

[Cut to time-lapse video of crowds of people walking in the city.]

Text on screen: CETA

The Canada European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, or CETA, will open trade.

[Flash to white which dissolves to an image of Prime Minister Trudeau signing the CETA.]

[Cut to aerial view of a docked ship with containers on board.]

Once in force, almost 94% of all Canadian agriculture products exported to the EU will be duty free.

Text on screen: 94% duty-free

[Video of ship loaded with large containers sailing in the ocean slides in.]

[An image of an airplane getting loaded up with cargo slides in.]

[An animated folded map on a white background slides in. It unfolds to reveal a map of Europe.]

Here's a quick snapshot of the EU market for Organics.

[Upbeat modern music continues.]

[Map dissolves to a white background.]

Text on Screen: Global Organic Market. $US80 billion in 2014.

[An animated baguette drops from above. It slices apart into sections, which relate to the percentage amounts for each country.

Text on screen: United States 43%, EU-28 38%, China 6%, Canada 4%, Switzerland 3%, Other 6%.

[Dissolve to white.]

Text on screen: Top EU Organic Markets

[An animated pie chart appears one colourful section at a time. The size of the pieces relates to the percentages for each country.]

Text on screen: Germany 33%, France 20%, United Kingdom 10%, Italy 9%, Sweden 6%, Austria 4%, Spain 4%, Netherlands 4%, Others 10%.

[Dissolve to white. A globe spins in the middle of the screen.]

Text on screen: EU Organic Markets $US26.5 billion in 2014. Represents 33% of worldwide sector sales.

[Dissolve to white.]

Text on screen: Market Share. Top 10 Packaged Organic Foods in the EU 2015

[Blue bar graphs appear one by one to represent the percentages for each product. At the end of each bar is an image of the product it relates to.]

Text on screen: Dairy 32%, Baked Goods 14%, Baby Food 9%, Chilled Processed Meat & Seafood 7%, Oils and Fats 6%, Confectionary 5%, Spreads 4%, Rice, Pasta and Noodles 4%, Shelf Stable Food Products 4%, Ready Meats 3%

[Dissolve to white.]

Text on screen: EU Market Growth 2010 – 2015 Top 3 organic Categories

[Three graphs appear one at a time. The graph starts small and curves larger to demonstrate growth in the product. An icon of the product also appears beside the name of the product. ]

Text on screen: Spreads 36%, Oils and Fats 48%, Rice, Pasta and Noodles 85%

[Dissolve to white, then dissolve to an animated image of the globe highlighting Europe with communication lines darting across the continent.]

Narrator: Common organic certifications and CETA now present exceptional opportunities in the EU for Canadian organic producers and exporters.

[Dissolve to spaghetti drying in a pasta factory.]

[Cut to sandwich board with menu in Europe. Dissolve to white. Dissolve to shot of hands putting a processed meat package into a cardboard envelope.]

Do you have questions about exporting your agriculture or food products?

[Cut to wider shot of same person putting processed meat into the cardboard envelope.]

[Cut to close up shot of the envelope going inside a larger box for shipping.]

[Cut to wide shot of the box being taped up. Dissolve to animated video of a man standing in a field with his back to camera. In the cloud-covered sky, there are drawings of pie and graph charts, light bulbs and math equations.]

Are you looking for more market intelligence?

[Dissolve to white, then dissolve to a field. Three bars appear on top of the field.]

Text on screen: Canadian Agri-Food Exporters. Contact Us Today.

Contact us today.

[Dissolve to the animated Canada word mark]

Text on screen: (c) Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (2017)

[Upbeat modern music fades out.]

[Fade to black.]

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Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

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