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Almond flour and almond shell product launch analysis


For the past ten years there has been a steady rise in the use of almond flour in product launches across the world. From 2008 to 2017, there were 2,363 products launched containing almond flour, and 3 products containing almond shell as an ingredient launched in the world. These launches occurred in the Asia Pacific region with a total of 1,019 almond flour launches. Japan saw the most launches with 570 products, followed by South Korea (183 products), and China (75 products).

The second-largest region to see the most launches of almond flour products was Europe with a total of 916 products. The leading countries within Europe were France (492), Spain (72), and Germany (68). The region also saw all the almond shell-containing product launches which occurred in France, Spain, and Denmark.

The third-largest region for almond flour-containing products was North America with 275 products. In the region, the United States saw the most product launches with a total of 230 products, followed by Canada with a total of 45 products. Most of which occurred within the last two years (2015 to 2016).

Almond flour and almond shell-containing product launches by year from 2008 to 2017
Ingredient 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Total by ingredients
Almond flour 68 66 79 114 126 225 367 412 449 454 2,360
Almond shell 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 3
Total by year 68 66 79 115 126 225 367 413 450 454 2,363

Source: Mintel, 2017.

Almond flour and almond shell-containing product launches based on regions
Ingredient Asia Pacific Europe North America Latin America Middle East & Africa
Almond flour 1,019 913 275 84 69
Almond shell 0 3 0 0 0
Total by region 1,019 916 275 84 69

Source: Mintel, 2017.

Almond flour and almond shell-containing product launches by region and their top three countries, from 2008 to 2017
Region Country Number of products
Asia Pacific Japan 570
South Korea 183
China 75
Other 191
Europe France 492
Spain 72
Germany 68
Other 284
North America USA 230
Canada 45
Latin America Brazil 25
Mexico 24
Colombia 9
Other 26
Middle East & Africa South Africa 55
Egypt 5
Israel 4
Other 5

Source: Mintel, 2017.

Categories and Sub-categories

Within the food category there were 2,310 products launched containing almond flour and almond shell, while there were 53 products launched in the drink category. The top subcategory for almond flour and almond shell products were bakery, desserts and ice cream, and snacks. In the drinks category the top subcategories were hot beverages (36), other beverages* (16), and ready-to-drink beverages (1).

Top 20 sub-categories for almond flour and almond shell-containing products, from 2008 to 2017
Sub-category Almond flour Almond shell Total by category
Bakery 1,519 1 1,520
Desserts and ice cream 250 1 251
Snacks 238 1 239
Chocolate confectionery 105 0 105
Breakfast cereals 50 0 50
Dairy 38 0 38
Hot beverages 36 0 36
Sauces and seasonings 25 0 25
Meals and meal centers 23 0 23
Savoury spreads 17 0 17
Other beverages* 16 0 16
Processed fish, meat & egg products 14 0 14
Sugar and  gum confectionery 9 0 9
Baby food 7 0 7
Side dishes 5 0 5
Sweet spreads 5 0 5
Soup 1 0 1
Sweeteners and sugar 1 0 1
Ready-to-drinks 1 0 1
Total by ingredient 2,360 3 2,363

Source: Mintel, 2017.

*Note: Includes beverage concentrates, beverage mixes, meal replacements, and other drinks (e.g. nutritional supplements, vinegar drinks, and Kombucha).

Companies and Brands

The top companies to launch almond flour-containing products from 2008 to 2017 were Châteraisé with 83 products launches, FamilyMart (64), and Lotte Confectionery (54). The companies to launch almond shell-containing products were Patiprestige Bourgogne (under its Jean Michel Combaz brand), Løgismose Production (under its Løgismose brand), and Borges (under its Borges Junior Crecimiento y Desarrollo brand).

Top 20 companies to launch almond flour-containing products in the world from 2008 to 2017
Company Number of products
Châteraisé 83
FamilyMart 64
Lotte Confectionery 54
Picard 51
Kellogg 50
Carrefour - CMI 42
Bonne Maman 39
Lawson 37
General Mills 37
Bourbon 36
Yamazaki Baking 32
Paris Croissant 31
Glaces Thiriet 30
Shikishima Baking 29
Ministop 27
Hail Merry 27
Aldi 26
Kobeya Baking 26
Circle K Sunkus 25
Fujiya 23

Source: Mintel, 2017.

Top 20 brands to launch almond flour-containing products in the world from 2008 to 2017
Brand Number of products
Châteraisé 53
Bonne Maman 40
Sweets+ 29
Pasco 26
Paris Baguette 26
Picard 26
Carrefour 22
Kobeya 21
Thiriet 20
Dulcesol Black 19
Domremy 18
Kashi 18
Bourbon 17
Asahi Ippon Manzoku Bar 17
Kellogg's Special K 14
Lotte Pepero 14
Château Blanc 13
Hail Merry 13
Carrefour Selection 13
Fujiya Look A La Mode 13

Source: Mintel, 2017.


The top three claims used in product launches containing almond flour and almond shell were environmentally friendly packaging, low/no/reduced allergen, and gluten free. According to Mintel, the growing claims associated to almond flour and almond shell-containing products include the following: wholegrain, on-the-go, low/no/reduced trans-fat, all natural product, and added calcium (Mintel, January 2018).

Top ten claims used in almond flour and almond shell-containing product launches, from 2008 to 2017
Description of this image follows.
Description of above image
Social Media 138
GMO Free 140
Premium 142
Kosher 181
Organic 190
No Additives/Preservatives 201
Seasonal 219
Gluten Free 262
Low/No/Reduced Allergen 295
Ethical - Environmentally Friendly Package 357

Source: Mintel, 2017.

Product examples

Almond flour

White Almond Flour
Company Distributor Brand Category Sub-Category Country
Lemberona Handels Lemberona Handels Pearls of Samarkand Treasures of the Silk Road Bakery Baking Ingredients & Mixes UK
Store Name Store Type Date Published Launch Type Price in US Dollars
Ocado Internet/Mail Order Aug 2017 New Product US$8.02

Product Description

Pearls of Samarkand Treasures of the Silk Road White Almond Flour comprises finely ground organic almond flour from blanched almonds. It is suitable for vegans, is organic and fairtrade and described as superfood. The manufacturer is said to use only the best, light and mildly aromatic tasting organic fairtrade blanched almonds from three smallholder producer groups Turob Bobo, Dustkul Bogi und Turkiston Gulba for the product. Before grinding, the almonds are cleaned several times mechanically and electronically to ensure absence of shells, and the almonds are then packed immediately in handy resealable hermetically sealed bags. This product retails in a 150g pouch bearing the EU Green Leaf, Austria Bio Garantie and Fairtrade logos.


Organic almond flour from blanched almonds

Company Brand Category Sub-Category Country
Urban Remedy Urban Remedy Desserts & Ice Cream Chilled Desserts USA
Store Name Store Type Date Published Launch Type Price in US Dollars
Whole Foods Market Natural/Health Food Store Nov 2017 New Product US$6.50

Product Description

Urban Remedy Tiramisu is described as a decadent and rich raw cacao, coconut milk, date, vanilla, and espresso dessert. It is a gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan and dairy-free product, retailed in a recyclable 5.4-oz. pack made from 100% recycled plastic and paper, and bearing the USDA Organic logo. The founder of the company is said to utilize the wisdom of Chinese medicine to craft healing plant-based food that nourishes the body to naturally lower inflammation.


Almond milk (filtered water, almond), coconut milk (filtered water, shredded coconut), almond flour, date, coconut oil, cashew, coconut nectar, date syrup, vanilla extract, cacao powder, sunflower lecithin, Irish moss, espresso, Himalayan pink salt

Almond Tea with Hazelnut
Company Distributor Brand Category Sub-Category Country Country of Manufacture
Mayushan Foods Fu Mai Trading Greenmax Hot Beverages Tea China Taiwan
Import Status Store Name Store Type Date Published Launch Type Price in US Dollars
Imported product guang bai Direct Selling May 2014 New Variety/Range Extension US$3.08

Product Description

Greenmax Zhen Guo Xing Ren Cha (Almond Tea with Hazelnut) is made with yam, hazelnut kernel, lily, almond and walnut. This lacto-vegetarian tea is said to be aromatic, rich and sweet. This instant and on-the-go product retails in a 90g pack containing three 30g sachets.


Almond powder, rock sugar, corn flour, walnut, Tremella fuciformis, milk powder, yam, hazelnut powder, lily, vanilla powder

Almond shell

Gourmet Macarons Assortment
Company Brand Category Sub-Category Country
Patiprestige Bourgogne Jean Michel Combaz Bakery Sweet Biscuits/Cookies France
Store Name Store Type Date Published Launch Type Price in US Dollars
Carrefour Mass Merchandise/Hypermarket Jul 2016 New Product US$5.53

Product Description

This assortment comprises five varieties: coffee; caramel; chocolate; coconut; and pistachio. This product retails in a 135g easy to open pack, containing ten pieces, two of each variety, and features the PEFC logo.

Ingredients (On Pack)

Macaron shell (59.3%) (Sugar, almond powder (14.4%) (almond shell), water, egg white powder, emulsifier (E472a, E472b), glucose syrup (corn syrup, wheat syrup), skimmed milk powder, stabiliser (E412), colouring (E150c)), coffee filling (40.7%) (Cream (water, non-hydrogenated palm fat, buttermilk powder (milk), potato starch, emulsifier (E435)), thickener (E461, E415), acidity corrector (E331, E270), glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, coffee preparation (barley (gluten), chicory, coffee (0.57%)), starch (corn), gelling agent (E406))

Ice Cream Cake
Company Brand Category Sub-Category Country
Løgismose Production Løgismose Desserts & Ice Cream Dairy Based Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurts Denmark
Store Name Store Type Date Published Launch Type Price in US Dollars
Netto Supermarket Feb 2015 New Variety/Range Extension US$8.76

Product Description

Løgismose Islagkage (Ice Cream Cake) comprises a dark chocolate coated ice cream cake made with cream, macaroon, caramel, passionfruit and raspberry. This product is made with organic Danish cream and retails in a 780ml pack containing six units.

Ingredients (On Pack)

Water, Danish cream (20%), dark chocolate (18%) (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegetable fat, milk fat, emulsifier (soy lecithin, polyglycerol polyricinoleate), natural vanilla flavour), macaroon slice (12%) (brown sugar, confectionery paste (apricot kernel, sugar, almond shell, corn starch), egg whites, dried glucose syrup, wheat starch), glucose syrup, sugar, caramel cream (4%) (glucose syrup, sweet condensed milk (skimmed milk, sugar), vegetable fat, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), salt, natural flavouring), passionfruit puree (4%) (passionfruit, sugar), lactose, milk protein, raspberry powder (0.9%), emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), stabiliser (locust bean gum, guar gum)

Natural Snack Mix
Company Brand Category Sub-Category Country
Borges Borges Junior Crecimiento y Desarrollo Snacks Snack Mixes Spain
Store Name Store Type Date Published Launch Type Price in US Dollars
Alcampo Mass Merchandise/Hypermarket Dec 2011 New Product US$1.50

Product Description

Borges Junior Crecimiento y Desarrollo Mezcla Natural de Frutos Secos (Natural Snack Mix) is source of phosphorous, vitamin B1, vitamin B9 and iron. Phosphorus aids children development and growth, vitamin B1 contributes to energy-yielding metabolism and normal function of the nervous system while vitamin B9 contributes to the overall health of blood vessels and normal cell division and iron is important for normal cognitive development of children. This product with nuts and dried pineapple contains energy, is free from preservatives and colouring, is suitable for coeliacs, and is retailed in a 50g pack.

Ingredients (On Pack)

Pistachio, sunflower seeds, walnut, dried pineapple, almond with almond shell, sugar, antioxidant (E330)


Almond Flour and Almond Shell Product Launch Analysis
Global Analysis Report

Prepared by: Ranna Bernard, Market Analyst

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