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Food Trends in Europe

Discover key European Union marketplace trends to tailor your Canadian agri-food exports to European consumer needs.

Video transcript

[Electronic sounding music starts.]

[The video opens with a shot of two men and a woman working in a laboratory. A red bar appears from the left. The title of the video appears on the bar.]

Text on screen: Canadian Agri-Food Trade Commissioners

[Cut to close up of person with rubber gloves on filling out a report surrounded by vials. The text disappears and is replaced by new text. The red bar remains.]

Text on screen: Market Opportunity in Europe

Voice of Yannick Dheilly: Food innovation never stops.

[The red bar, text and image disappear from the screen.]

[Cut to man and woman conducting tests in a laboratory.]

There's always something new...

[Cut to person looking at slide through a microscope.]

Text on Screen: Food Trends in the EU

...and things never...

[Cut to rows of terracotta pots with small potato plants.]

...stand still.

[Cut to a shot of Yannick Dheilly.]

My name is Yannick Dheilly. I'm a trade commissioner at the Canadian Embassy in Paris. I'm also an agri-food engineer. It's a sector I'm passionate about.

[Cut to shot of farmer checking out his crops with an irrigation system in background.]

[Electronic sounding music fades out.]

[New electronic sounding music fades in.]

[Cut to the interior of a large warehouse with tall shelves filled with consumer products.]

[Cut to shelves inside a grocery store.]

Text on screen: Market Changes

There have been many changes...

[Cut to young woman comparing products in grocery store.] the market.

[Cut to shot of Yannick Dheilly.]

Consumer needs have undergone a transformation.

[Cut to woman shopping in a small local organic store.]

Text on Screen: Individualist consumers

Consumers have moved away from following the norm...

[Cut to shot of worker closing up a small silver package with product inside.]

...the tradition, and become more individualist...

[Cut to shelves in a store with organic products on shelves.]

Text on screen: Health conscious well as more health conscious...

[Cut to shot of varieties of pastas.]

...for example by eating organic.

[Cut to image of mustard seeds and mustard sauces]

Text on screen: Growth in organic products

[Cut to shot of Yannick Dheilly.]

Twenty years ago, organic products made up only a tiny fraction of the market.

[Cut to shots of young girl doing comparative shopping in grocery store using a digital tablet.]

Today, they represent five to six percent of the market, and that figure could eventually rise to twenty or twenty-five percent, maybe thirty.

[Cut to shot of Yannick Dheilly.]

That would mean one meal out of three would contain organic products.

[Cut to boxes of cherries ready for shipping.]

Text on screen: More vegetarian products

Vegetarian products have become much more popular these past few years...

[Cut to close up of different types of pulses being scooped up and put into a paper bag for purchase.]

Text on screen: Less meat

...and we've also seen a notable trend towards eating less meat.

[Cut to boxed products moving along a conveyor belt in a factory.]

Text on screen: Plain-coloured packaging

Packaging colours are also changing. The trend now is towards less bright colours, such as bright red and green.

[Cut to shot of Yannick Dheilly.]

For most food products, the packaging has become not duller,

[Cut to shot of products in small silver packaging going along conveyor belts.]

... but plainer, with a lot of white...

[Cut to bottles going along a conveyor belt.]

...and a lot of blue being used, for instance.

[Cut to shot of machine in factory putting lids on small containers.]

Text on screen: Small sizes

The other trend has been the size of the packages themselves.

[Cut to small clear packages being filled with spiral pasta.]

Packages are often simply smaller in Europe. I don't know whether people are eating less...

[Cut to shot small clear package of grains going up a conveyor belt.]

...but they prefer smaller package sizes than in Canada.

[Cut to close up of red apples with an image of a maple leaf and the word "Canada" on them.]

[Cut to time-lapse of people on a busy city sidewalk.]

There are still many more changes ahead.

[Cut to shot of Yannick Dheilly.]

For example, in France, which seems like a very traditional country, all sorts of things are happening. There's a restaurant chain making bagels.

Text on screen: Market diversification

The food offering is changing in many ways, always towards diversification.

[Cut to image of large conference room where a SIAL convention is being held.]

Text on screen: Recommendations

It's a fact that in Europe...

[Cut to crowds of people checking out the many different displays at the trade show.]'s a good idea to attend events like trade shows.

[Cut to another shot of people attending trade show.]

It's a key activity in Europe.

[Cut to with 4 people in a business meeting.]

You get to meet virtually all of your clients and to do some prospecting...

[Cut to 3 people in a business meeting shaking hands.]

...and see what there is on the market. It's more or less a required activity in Europe.

[Cut to shot of Yannick Dheilly.]

I like the variety of my work. I like answering questions from companies, and I get all kinds of questions. There are all kinds of food companies and products out there.

[Cut to white background. Red bar appears from left.]

Text on screen:

[The text on screen changes.]

Text on screen: Contact Us Today

[Cut to the animated Canada word mark]

Text on screen: (c) Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (2017)

[Electronic sounding music fades out.]

[Fade to black.]

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