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Canadian Apple Industry - Varieties by Province

Discover Canada's many high-quality apple varieties.

Source : "Our Apple / Les Pommiers de chez nous"
Shahrokh Khanizadeh & Johanne Cousineau,
for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
© Ministry of Public Works and Government Services Canada 2000"


Origin : (Melba x PRI 11-151) x Spartan
Shape : round to oblate
Size : above medium size
Flesh : white with a tingle of pale green
Flavor : subacid, aromatic, sweet, with hint of McIntosh flavour, quite scented
Uses : fresh, dessert
Availability : ripens late, one week after McIntosh


Origin : Chance seedling, likely Lady Hamilton x Granny Smith
Shape : conic to round-conic
Size : medium to large
Flesh : yellowish to cream, very juicy and firm, crisp, somewhat coarse
Flavor : excellent, mildly sweet, aromatic, subacid, sprightly
Uses : eaten fresh, culinary, dessert, juice
Availability : ripens end of October


Origin : Ben Davis x McIntosh
Shape : oblate, ribbed
Size : medium to large, 70-80 x 56-62 mm
Flesh : white, highly resistant to browning, juicy, firm, crisp, tender
Flavor : sweet, subacid, reminiscent of strawberry, pleasant
Uses : culinary, fresh, fair for processing, best for drying, freezing, baking, salads, pies, cider
Availability : ripens October 1(Quebec), September 27 (Ontario)

Crimson Beauty

Origin : New Brunswick x Fameuse
Shape : round to oblate, slightly ribbed, regular
Size : medium to above medium, 64 x 51 mm
Flesh : dull white or yellowish sometimes tinged with red near skin, moderately juicy, tender, rather soft
Flavor : weak, Fameuse-like, subacid to acid, with a suggestion of astringency
Uses : culinary
Availability : ripens August 2

Crispin (Mutsu)

Origin : Golden Delicious x Indo
Shape : variable, conic to oblong, ribbed on body and at eye
Size : large to very large, up to 600 g
Flesh : yellowish-white, juicy, moderately firm, crisp, rather coarse
Flavor : mildly subacid, moderately sweet, honeyed
Uses : juice, cider, excellent for desserts, good fresh and for processing
Availability : ripens late October


Origin : Unknown parentage
Shape : roundish oblate, convex, slightly ribbed
Size : medium to large, 71 x 58 mm
Flesh : deep cream, juicy, rather firm, crisp, tender, moderately fine texture
Flavor : sprightly subacid, aromatic, savoury, quite brisk
Uses : excellent for cooking, poor for dessert
Availability : ripens August 27 (Quebec), August 17 (Ontario)


Origin: Linda x Jonamac
Shape: globose, oblate and sometimes lopsided and irregular
Size: medium to large, with an average of 150 g
Flesh: white, juicy, firm, crisp yet melting, and fine textured
Flavour: very aromatic, sweet and acidic at optimum maturity
Uses: Non Browning apple for fruit salad, slice and processing (dried apple chips, cider)


Origin : Golden Delicious x Ingrid Marie
Shape : round-conic
Size : medium to large, 60-70 x 70-80 mm
Flesh : yellow with 80% light red stripe, with occasional russet around stem
Flavor : creamy white, juicy, firm, crisp, rather coarse
Uses : tart, acid at harvest, honeyed
Availability : ripens late September


Origin : McIntosh x Delicious
Shape : round to round-conic, ribbed on body
Size : medium to large
Flesh : cream, juicy, firm, crisp, breaking
Flavor : subacid, aromatic, sweet, with hint of McIntosh flavour, quite scented
Uses : excellent for fresh eating, not suited for processing, high quality dessert, good for cider, fair for sauce and drying
Availability : ripens September 20 (Ontario), October 8 (Quebec)


Origin : Ralls Janet x Delicious
Shape : round-conic, sometimes ribbed at eye
Size : medium size, 56-68 x 52-65 mm
Flesh : white, juicy, firm, crisp, fine-grained
Flavor : excellent, very aromatic, honeyed, both sweet and tart
Uses : eaten fresh, dessert
Availability : ripens early November


Origin: Kidd's Orange x Golden Delicious
Shape: round-conic to oblong-conic
Size: medium, 62-70 x 59-65 mm
Flesh: yellow, juicy, very firm, crisp, slightly tender, fine-textured
Flavour: very sweet, aromatic, slightly subacid, varies depending on year grown
Uses: fresh, dessert

Ginger Gold

Origin: Chance seedling
Shape: round to oblate
Size: medium to large
Flesh: yellowish-white, juicy, firm, crisp, slightly coarse
Flavour: spicy sweet, tangy, good
Uses: fresh, dessert

Golden Delicious

Origin : Grimes Golden x Golden Reinette
Shape : round-conic to oblong, slightly ribbed
Size : medium to large, 70 x 65-69 mm
Flesh : white to cream, juicy, firm, crisp, tender, fine-textured
Flavor : mildly subacid, pleasantly aromatic, sweet, honeyed
Uses : dessert, cooking, fresh
Availability : ripens October 10

Golden Russett

Origin : Unknown parentage
Size : small to medium
Flesh : small to medium
Flavor : very high sugar and pectin content, aromatic
Uses : cider, good for eating
Availability : ripens end of October

Granny Smith

Origin : Pollinated seedling of French Crab
Shape : round-conic to round, ribbed at eye
Size : medium size, 65 x 57 mm
Flesh : greenish to yellowish-white, juicy, crisp, firm, fine-grained
Flavor : sweet and tart, mild, sweetens in storage
Uses : fresh, cooking, dessert
Availability : ripens late to very late


Origin : Unknown parentage
Shape : round but tending to be a bit lopsided and ribbed
Size : medium to large, 74 x 64 mm
Flesh : Cream, juicy, moderately firm, crisp, tender
Flavor : Distinct, sprightly subacid, savoury, aromatic, tart
Uses : dessert, cooking, fresh eating, cider, freezing, processing
Availability : ripens September 11


Origin: Macoun x Honeygold
Shape: oblate to roundly-oblate
Size: medium, 60-70 mm diameter if not thinned
Flesh: cream, juicy, exceptionally crisp, coarse
Flavour: sweet, mildly aromatic, subacid
Uses: fresh, dessert


Origin : Jonathan x Wagener
Shape : round to round-conic, ribbed on body
Size : large, 78-80 x 63-66 mm
Flesh : white, slightly tinged green, juicy, firm, crisp, fairly fine-textured
Flavor : moderately acid, tangy, tart, slightly sweet
Uses : cooking, processing, fresh, dessert, freezing, good for juice, fair for sauce and slices
Availability : ripens October 8

Jersey Mac

Origin : [Melba x (Wealthy x Starr) x (Red Rome x Melba)]
Shape : round, uniform
Size : medium to large, 70 - 75 mm diameter
Flesh : white, juicy, moderately firm
Flavor : aromatic, slightly acid, sweet-tart
Uses : fresh, dessert
Availability : ripens August 15-20


Origin : Golden Delicious x Jonathan
Shape : round to round-conic, trace of ribs, flat sides, slightly crowned
Size : medium to large
Flesh : cream, juicy, firm, crisp, fine-textured
Flavor : subacid, almost aromatic, rich, honeyed, less cloying and better balanced taste than Golden Delicious
Uses : eating, cooking, processing, dessert, storage
Availability : ripens October 10


Origin: McIntosh x Jonathan
Shape: round
Size: medium
Flesh: white, crisp, soft when fully ripe, fine texture
Flavour: acid, very scented, hint of strawberry, lots of sugar
Uses: dessert, fresh eating, not suitable for processing


Origin : Pollinated seedling of McIntosh
Shape : round-conical, ribbed at eye, slightly ribbed on body
Size : large, 78 x 64 mm
Flesh : very white, tinged pink, juicy, moderately crisp, tender, fine texture
Flavor : subacid, sweet, a bit strawberry-like, sprightly, pleasant
Uses : dessert, fresh, culinary
Availability : ripens September 23


Origin : Montgomery x Yellow Transparent
Shape : conic to round-conic, with slight ribbing, symmetrical
Size : medium, 63-70 x 63-70 mm
Flesh : white, tinged green, juicy, somewhat firm, tender, crisp, moderately coarse
Flavor : sprightly, tart acid, poor
Uses : cooking, processing, juice, poor to fair for eating fresh
Availability : ripens August 5


Origin : Possibly seedling of Fameuse or St. Lawrence
Shape : round to round-flat, not or slightly ribbed
Size : medium to large, 70 x 67mm
Flesh : white, sometimes tinged red, juicy, very tender, crisp, somewhat firm
Flavor : subacid to sweet, reminiscent of strawberry or elderberry, aromatic
Uses : dessert, cooking, fresh, cider, sauce
Availability : ripens September 25


Origin : Open pollinated McIntosh
Shape : variable, oblate, ellipsoid, round-conic or conic, ribbed on body and at eye
Size : medium size, 57-63 x 44-51 mm
Flesh : very white, juicy, crisp, soft, melting, tender
Flavor : briskly subacid, sweet, highly aromatic, reminiscent of strawberry or wine, pleasant
Uses : dessert, cooking, juice
Availability : ripens August 17


Origin : Yellow Transparent x McIntosh
Shape : conic, sometimes has unattractive bulge on one side, ribbed at eye and on body
Size : medium size, 67 x 60 mm
Flesh : very white, juicy, soft, tender, crisp, melting, fairly fine-grained
Flavor : sweet subacid, reminiscent of raspberry
Uses : dessert, fresh
Availability : ripens September 10


Origin : Seedling of Oldenburg
Shape : distinctly oblate, regular or obscurely ribbed, sides often unequal
Size : large, 78 x 64 mm
Flesh : whitish tinged with yellow, very juicy and tender, crisp, firm, somewhat coarse texture
Flavor : brisk subacid, sprightly
Uses : cooking, very good, dessert, fair
Availability : ripens October


Origin : Unknown parentage
Shape : very variable according to location, oblate to oblong, ribbed at eye and on body
Size : medium to very large
Flesh : distinctly tinged with yellow, juicy, firm, crisp, tender, moderately fine-grained
Flavor : sweet and tart, aromatic, rich pineapple-like
Uses : drying, excellent for dessert and cooking, very good for cider
Availability : ripens October 15

Northern Spy

Origin : Unknown parentage
Shape : round-conic, slightly angular, ribbed at eye, slightly ribbed on body
Size : large, 81 x 70 mm
Flesh : yellowish-white, very juicy and tender, crisp, rather firm, fine-grained
Flavor : sprightly, subacid, aromatic, mild, tart, delicious
Uses : principally for processing, also good for cooking and dessert, fresh eating, fair for drying
Availability : ripens October 20

Paula Red

Origin : Chance seedling, possibly from Cortland
Shape : roundish, oblate
Size : medium size, 63 x 70 mm
Flesh : white, juicy, very firm, crisp, fine-grained
Flavor : strong vinous or strawberry-like, subacid, tart, sprightly
Uses : dessert, cooking, fresh
Availability : ripens September 5

Red Delicious

Origin : Chance seedling of a Yellow Bellflower
Shape : five-pointed, oblong to oblong-conic
Size : large, 65 x 90 mm
Flesh : creamy white, juicy, moderately firm, tender, crisp, fine-grained
Flavor : aromatic, mildly subacid, sweet, pleasant
Uses : fresh, dessert, juice
Availability : ripens October 10


Origin : Unknown parentage
Shape : varied, round, a little flattened and slightly angular, sometimes elliptical
Size : above medium to large
Flesh : greenish-white, moderately juicy and firm, slightly crisp, somewhat coarse texture
Flavor : sweet, aromatic, sprightly subacid, pleasant
Uses : cider, fair for dessert, cooking, drying
Availability : ripens mid-October


Origin : Open pollinated seedling of Northern Spy
Shape : round, narrow ribs at apex and on body
Size : medium to large, 70-76 x 51-60 mm
Flesh : creamy white, juicy, moderately firm, tender, crisp, rather coarse texture
Flavor : slightly subacid, sweet, aromatic, reminiscent of raspberry, pleasant
Uses : processing, dessert, cooking
Availability : ripens late to very late


Origin : McIntosh 10C-843-1 x Starkspur Golden Delicious
Shape : oblate to conic
Size : medium size
Flesh : creamy white, juicy, firm, coarse texture
Flavor : aromatic, sprightly, sweet, good balance between sugars and acids
Uses : fresh, dessert
Availability : ripens mid to late September


Origin : Golden Delicious x Grimes
Shape : roundish oblong
Size : medium size
Flesh : deep cream, juicy, moderately firm, crisp, fine texture
Flavor : good, sweet, honeyed, mildly subacid, aromatic
Uses : fresh
Availability : ripens September 19


Origin : McIntosh x Yellow Newtown Pippin
Shape : oblate to round-conic, slightly ribbed
Size : medium to large, 63-71 x 57-63 mm
Flesh : creamy white, with a red tinge, juicy, firm, crisp, tender, fine texture
Flavor : subacid, mild, aromatic, fairly sweet, reminiscent of strawberry and melon
Uses : excellent for eating and dessert, poor to fair for processing, cider
Availability : ripens October 10


Origin : (McIntosh x Golden Delicious) x PCF 3-120
Shape : somewhat irregular, ribbed
Size : large, mostly over 200 g
Flesh : white to cream, juicy, firm, crisp
Flavor : mild, sweet, low acid, with a little aroma
Uses : fresh, dessert
Availability : ripens end of August


Origin: McIntosh x PRI 674
Shape: mainly globose, the sides of the fruit are slightly ribbed along the body and can be a bit lopsided
Size: large with an average weight of 192 g without thinning
Flesh: white, crisp, juicy and firm with a very low to low discoloration depending on time after cutting
Flavour: pleasant, aromatic and slightly tart
Uses: fresh, dessert, pie

Vista Bella

Origin : NJ77359 [(Melba x Sonora) x ((Williams x Starr) x USDA34)] x Julyred
Shape : round, slightly oblate
Size : medium large
Flesh : cream-white, juicy, firm, crisp, melting
Flavor : sweet, aromatic, reminiscent of raspberries or loganberries
Uses : good for fresh eating and dessert
Availability : ripens August 7

Yellow Transparent

Origin : Unknown parentage
Shape : round, slightly conic, slightly angular, prominent ribs from base to apex, asymmetric
Size : medium size, 64-66 x 57-70 mm
Flesh : white, juicy, moderately firm, very tender, crisp
Flavor : sprightly subacid, tart, very sweet, pleasant
Uses : processing, drying, freezing, sauce, excellent for cooking, good fresh
Availability : ripens August 9

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