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Canadian Vegetables

Freshness and Flavour

Canada boasts a large variety and steady supply of fresh vegetables year-round. Our varied climate and technological advances have produced a thriving greenhouse sub-sector and some of the most advanced storage and packaging solutions in the world.

Our vegetables range from the traditional—broccoli, carrots and sweet peppers—to the exotic, such as our native fiddleheads. Potatoes, sweet corn and green peas are the most extensively-grown vegetables. More than half of our world-renowned potatoes are processed, mostly into French fries.

Growing to meet customer needs

The Canadian vegetable industry is well positioned to satisfy the needs and tastes of global food consumers. Our country's rich multicultural heritage is evident in the huge variety of vegetables grown here and efforts to introduce even more products. In fact, exports of our vegetables are on the rise, due in part to our farmers' work to customize production for foreign market requirements. Canadian farmers are now producing crops such as pak choi, bok choi, nappa and Chinese broccoli to meet demand in global and domestic markets.

Canadian care and quality

Canada is a leader in protecting its natural landscape and preserving the quality of its soils and waters. Our cool climate gives our growing regions a natural rest period, which helps reduce pests and rejuvenates the soil. Canadian producers also use integrated pest management programs, monitoring pest populations so that pesticides are precisely timed to maximize effect and minimize use.

Meanwhile, Canada's food inspection system remains one of the best in the world. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) monitors Canada's vegetable industry, taking random samples from greenhouses and fresh vegetable businesses to ensure they comply with grade standards and safety regulations. CFIA inspectors also check to see that producers and packagers conform to very specific product labeling regulations. This commitment at all levels of the industry means quality products consumers can trust.

Innovating for variety and freshness

Canadians are improving production methods, product quality and marketing efforts. Our scientists research and innovate to meet consumer needs. For example, they are working to introduce new vegetable varieties to Canada that would enhance freshness, promote economic diversification and be adapted to specific regional growing conditions.

Similarly, our product packaging specialists are developing packaging that extends product shelf life and opens up new market opportunities. Examples of their work are already in use: Canadian experts have introduced plastic packaging that allows air to circulate while retaining moisture. They have also created environmentally-friendly packaging that completely biodegrades in 14 days.

Taste the Canadian difference

Canada's vegetable industry is an innovative and growing sector focused on bringing the benefits of fresh produce to consumers' tables. Treasured for their diversity and fresh, scrumptious flavours, Canadian vegetables are a wholesome and healthy addition to any meal. For information on products, suppliers, regulations and investment opportunities, visit:

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