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Canadian Snack Foods

Oh so Good

Canada's growing snack food industry serves up enough variety to meet snacking tastes from one corner of the globe to the other. Whether it's potato and corn chips for munching at a football game, popped popcorn, cheesies and pretzels to enjoy in front of a good movie or seed snacks, nuts and pork rinds to eat on-the-go, the list of Canadian-made snacks is long and varied. The proof? Canadian snack foods are gaining in popularity, both at home and abroad, with exports having increased more than 330 percent in just fifteen years.

Quality, homegrown ingredients

Canada's clean natural environment, long sunny summer days and cold winters provide unique advantages for growing high-quality snack food ingredients, such as potatoes, cereal grains, seeds and oils. While the bulk of raw inputs for the industry are homegrown, others – peanuts, nuts, cornmeal, and some seasonings for example – are sourced internationally.

Committed industry

Canada's snack food industry benefits from committed professionals who care about the quality of the end product. A large number of Canadian snack food manufacturers have developed their own food safety and environmental codes of practice, demonstrating their dedication to consumers. Canadian laws and regulations, enforced by provincial and federal governments, also ensure our products follow world-class snack food production standards.

Innovation and diversity

In a world where many are time-pressed, snack foods respond to the need for conveniently packaged foods that stave off hunger between meals. For some, snack foods have even become occasional meal replacements on-the-run, and innovative Canadians are taking advantage. State-of-the-art Canadian snack production facilities range in size from small operations to large plants employing up to 550 people.

Our snack food industry has developed niche products that offer novelty flavours, shapes or unique ingredients. And the industry is responding to the range of tastes in the international market by introducing new flavours and products, including those made from hemp seeds and root vegetables such as parsnips, beets, sweet potatoes and carrots, as well as organic snack foods.

Taste the Canadian difference

Got the munchies? Taste the quality and freshness of Canadian snack foods. The industry is nimble, innovative and poised to please customers worldwide.

For further information on Canadian snack food products, suppliers and investment opportunities, visit the Agri-Food Trade Service website at:

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