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Canadian Seed

From little comes much

Since the beginning of agriculture 9,000 years ago, farmers have devoted themselves to improving the variety, yields and hardiness of their crops. Without their diligent efforts, civilization itself might never have arisen, and their work lies at the deepest foundations of modern crop science.

Plant breeding is as important now as it was in ancient times, and in Canada we take it very seriously because of our relatively short growing season and our cold climate. As a result, we've developed a huge variety of seeds that produce faster-maturing crops, provide higher yields and are more resistant to pests and disease.

The roots of quality

Nearly two thirds of the seed produced in Canada is used domestically, and our well-established domestic market is a solid base on which Canadian seed companies have built our international markets. We offer both common and certified seed for grains, oil crops, special crops, pulses, forages, turf grasses, and ornamental and garden plants.

Our common seeds are usually designed for forage crops and, partly because they don't have certification costs, are more affordable to end users. Our certified seeds, by contrast, are verified for their genetic pedigrees and purity by an independent field inspector, and are especially attractive to growers who want expert assurance about seed quality. All Canadian certified seeds have an audit trail, so customers always know what they're buying and can be certain that the seed will perform to the required specifications.

Because of this guarantee of quality, Canada's seed industry is recognized and respected around the globe. Its products have a wide appeal in international markets, with $270 million worth of seed being exported to approximately 93 countries in 2006. In fact, the Canadian seed industry generates $750 million in combined domestic and export sales every year.

Sustaining excellence

Canada's seed organizations play a vital role in encouraging innovation and guaranteeing quality. The Canadian Seed Growers' Association is the sole pedigree agency in Canada for all agricultural seed crops except potatoes and tree seeds, while the Canadian Seed Trade Association represents a broad cross-section of Canadian seed developers, producers and vendors. On the regulatory side, the Canadian Seed Institute accredits seed companies and testing laboratories to help them comply with federal regulations governing the seed sector.

Experience the Canadian difference

Agriculture reaches its full potential only when it uses the best-quality seeds, and Canadian seed is guaranteed to meet the most stringent customer requirements. For further information on Canada's seed industry, please visit:

Government website

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