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Canadian Refreshments

Taking a break

Everybody has a favourite refreshment. For some, it's the rich savour of coffee in the morning or the pick-me-up of a cup of tea in the afternoon. For others, it can be a tasty carbonated soft drink after a class, or a thirst-quenching sports drink after a long run, or the welcome tang of a fruit beverage on a sultry day. And for a simple refreshment at any time, there's nothing like Canada's clean, pure bottled water.

Water, water everywhere

Canada holds a quarter of all the world's fresh water, and this abundance means we have a product for every taste: spring water, mineral water, artesian water and sparkling water are just some of the varieties we provide.

The clean, fresh taste of Canadian bottled water makes it perfect not only for quenching thirst, but also for cooking and for preparing beverages such as coffee and tea. It's also an excellent choice for people who prefer to avoid sugar, caffeine, alcohol or preservatives. And it's always safe and healthy—in Canada, bottled water is considered a food and is regulated under the Food and Drugs Act, which means that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency monitors all bottled-water companies to make sure their products meet our high safety standards. Many Canadian bottlers also employ a further level of regulation that involves third-party inspection, water testing and analysis.

Superb sipping

But there's more to Canadian refreshments than water. While we can't grow tea or coffee in our cool northern climate, we do have a tea and coffee industry that imports the best raw materials into Canada and transforms them into quality products. Among them are premium tea blends such as black, green, oolong and white teas, herbal teas and iced teas, as well as specialty and flavoured coffees. We also produce a full range of citrus and other juices from imported and domestic fruits and concentrates. Many of these refreshments come in innovative packaging, such as ready-to-drink formats, that are sure to please the consumer.

And we have begun to respond to the new and growing demand for special refreshments such as sports drinks, energy drinks and functional beverages which help people obtain vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and other nutrition in a healthy, convenient way. Canada's refreshment industry is developing a range of new products for this market, from fruit juices with added calcium to fortified soy drinks and flavoured waters.

Taste the Canadian difference

Discover the pure, refreshing taste of Canada's drinks and refreshments, from perfectly natural bottled water to beverages with health-enhancing properties. For further information on Canada's refreshment industry, please visit:

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