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Canadian Processed Fruits and Vegetables

A delicious variety

There is nothing quite like the taste of sweet corn, a sun-ripened tomato or the juicy succulence of a blueberry or an apple. Better yet, modern food-processing techniques make it possible for global consumers to enjoy the culinary and nutritional benefits of Canadian fruits and vegetables throughout the year—all without sacrificing taste or convenience.

Canada has a special advantage in this regard because our food companies can draw on good-quality fruits and vegetables grown in our clean, healthy environment. Much of this produce goes to our food processors, who provide a wide range of canned, preserved and frozen fruits and vegetables, as well as an increasing selection of value-added products. Our fruit and vegetable processing industry is big business, too; Canadian companies sold a total of $6.7 billion worth of these products in 2007, of which 34 percent were exported.

Growing appetites

To satisfy this growing appetite, we have created a huge variety of products ranging from ready-mixed frozen vegetables to concentrated fruit juices to frozen french fries. And for the health-conscious, products such as our high-antioxidant cranberry juice and our lycopene-rich tomato preparations are a natural choice.

The demand for Canada's pre-packaged, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables has soared in recent years, but we make traditional value-added products as well, including pickles, relishes, jams, sauces and soups. We also manufacture products that use frozen produce as ingredients, such as prepared entrees, vegetable casseroles and pizzas. In short, we offer a processed fruit or vegetable dish to satisfy just about any taste in the world.

Quality to the core

Canada's processed fruits and vegetables can meet the demands of the most discerning customers, but we are always looking for fresh ways to tempt the palate. Current trends toward more convenience and smaller servings, for example, are driving the development of new products with longer shelf life and excellent sensory and processing qualities. The Canadian industry strives for continuous improvements in its manufacturing processes to provide customers with the safest, premium quality products.

Taste the Canadian difference

There's nothing like the taste of Canada's processed fruits and vegetables, from the unique flavour of blueberries to the sweet savour of corn. For further information about our processed fruits and vegetables industry, please visit:

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