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Canadian Pork

Variety and versatility

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Canada is the 7th largest pork producer in the world, representing approximately 2% of global production. However, the Canadian pork industry is not just about quantity, quality is our hallmark—with Canadian pork, there's no compromise when it comes to taste, safety, hygiene and reliability.

What could be more tempting than the aroma of crisp, sizzling bacon for breakfast? Or more delectable for a dinner treat than roast pork tenderloin accented with fresh rosemary? Or tastier than pork kebabs grilled over an open fire with onions, tomatoes and peppers? These mouth-watering dishes taste even better when premium Canadian pork is used.

Quality without compromise

Behind this innovative and successful industry are two of Canada's most valuable resources: our people and our natural bounty. Few businesses are as complex as the modern pork industry, and ours has the expert producers, highly trained workers and innovative researchers who make sure our products meet the highest standards in the world.

Just as important, Canada is dedicated to protecting its natural landscape and to preserving the quality of its soils and water, and our country's vast open spaces provide a clean, healthy environment for our thriving hog industry. Canada's climate is also well suited for pork production; our frigid winter temperatures are inhospitable to hog diseases, and our moderate summers favour improved sow health and productivity.

Service and safety

For customer service, Canada's pork industry is also second to none; our expertise with pork production means we can provide our buyers with the quality products they want, when they want them. Our Canadian Pork Story, Canada Pork Buyer's Guide and our Export Cut Charts are examples of some of the materials we provide to and have translated for our international customers to help them make purchasing decisions.

The Canadian pork industry maintains extremely high standards for the health, care and feeding of its livestock and for its pork processing and distribution systems to meet the stringent food safety standards in the marketplace. The Canadian Quality Assurance® (CQA) program ensures producers play their part in maintaining the safety of the food chain, while the Government of Canada's Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) rigorously enforces compliance with safety and health regulations.

Taste the Canadian difference

Canadian pork really is different—it's tender and delicious, and can make the perfect centrepiece for any meal. For further information on Canada's pork industry, please visit:

Government websites

Industry websites

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