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Canadian Honey

How Sweet it is!

Did you know that Canada's honey yield is twice the world's average? That's not surprising considering that Canada's wide open spaces, clean natural environment and weather offer perfect conditions for nectar production. Long days of summer sunshine in Canada's northern climate provide access to bountiful flowering crops that attract a growing number of honeybees. The result? Beautiful golden honey loved by consumers in 27 countries worldwide.

Versatile, natural and nutritious

The Canadian honey sector is as dynamic and industrious as the honeybee itself. Close to 8,000 beekeepers maintain nearly 610,000 bee colonies across the country. Our packaged honey, which is filtered and can be pasteurized, doesn't need preservatives and has a shelf life of up to two years.

Besides our deliciously sweet honey, Canada's honey industry produces several other value-added by-products, including:

  • Beeswax for candles and household products such as polishes;
  • Protein-rich pollen used as a diet supplement;
  • Propolis, an ingredient used in cosmetics and lip balms; and
  • Royal jelly used in skin creams and lotions.

Canada's bees are credited with providing up to $1 billion in increased agricultural production annually. Beekeepers rent their hives to horticultural producers each spring to ensure that widespread pollination takes place.

Care and commitment

Canadians take great pride in their honey production standards. Indeed, the industry not only meets ISO (international) standards for honey production, it exceeds them. The safety and quality of Canadian honey is second to none. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, through the Honey Regulation of the Canadian Agricultural Products Act, ensures that producers and importers* meet strict federal and international standards.

Most provinces have provincial apiculturists responsible for the registration of beekeepers, bee health, management practices and other beekeeping issues. Superior quality. Prized taste. That's Canadian honey.

Taste the Canadian difference

The number of Canadian honeybee colonies continues to grow and it's no wonder. Our clean, pristine and vast land—coupled with a sector supported by top-notch food scientists and a government that contributes to a rigorous approach to food safety—provides a perfect environment.

For further information on Canada's honey industry, Canadian capabilities and exported products, please visit:

Government websites

Industry website

* The Canadian honeybee industry is almost totally self-sufficient, however, it imports some honeybees from Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

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