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Canadian Eggs

Naturally packaged perfection

Eggs have been called "the nearest thing to a perfect food," and with good reason. They're stuffed with nutrients, they're easy to cook and endlessly adaptable, and they taste delicious. Who can resist a fluffy cheese and vegetable frittata hot from the pan, an egg salad sandwich made with fresh-baked bread, or a simple boiled egg with creamery butter?

Canadians certainly can't, which may be why we produce so many eggs — 7 billion in 2005, with a market value of $717 million. Of this total, 6.3 billion, with a value of $514.5 million, were for human consumption. We've been exporting eggs since the 1940s, when we began supplying them by the millions to the United Kingdom.

Nowadays, Canada's egg exports are almost all in the form of processed eggs, which we ship to more than 20 countries. Processed eggs have a wide spectrum of uses and are essential for manufacturing many foods and non-food products such as mayonnaise, noodles, baked goods, pet foods, shampoo and adhesives. Several important biochemicals are also derived from eggs and are used in applications ranging from biological testing to geriatric feeding formulas.

Healthy, clean and safe

Processed egg products, especially when made from whole eggs, contain many essential nutrients including all nine essential amino acids, several vitamins (eggs are among the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D) and a number of minerals. Canadian eggs are produced in healthy and environmentally responsible conditions, so that our customers can have full confidence in the quality, cleanliness and safety of our processed eggs. Our laying hens, for example, are vaccinated to prevent illness, but they aren't treated with hormones or with antibiotics — they receive medication only if they're ill and only from a veterinarian.

Moreover, Canadian egg farmers must adhere to the Start Clean—Stay Clean™ program, which is monitored by federal government inspectors and complies with internationally-recognized safety standards. In addition to these safeguards, inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regularly check egg grading and egg processing stations to verify compliance with food safety regulations and product standards.

Taste the Canadian difference

You can trust the versatility, quality and safety of Canadian egg products. For further information on Canada's egg industry, please visit:

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