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Explore Canadian food products

Learn about the advantages of Canada’s food industry and access factsheets and additional resources to help you promote the unique qualities of Canadian food products.


Advantages of Canada's food industry

Canada’s food is backed by a strong food safety system
Canada is recognized as having one of the world’s strongest, science-based food safety regulatory systems. Rigorous standards are applied to regulate, monitor and safeguard food production as well as plant and animal resources.
Canada offers high-quality foods from a dynamic food industry
Canada produces, grows, harvests and catches some of the world’s highest-quality foods. From farming and fishing to high-tech processing, from manufacturers to after-market and technical experts, Canada’s food industry delivers quality.
Canada’s food exports must be certified
Canada’s food exports are regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), a government body that certifies all food exports and many agricultural exports, verifying that they meet Canadian requirements (where applicable) and those of importing countries.
Canada’s food industry is supported by a culture of innovation
Canada’s agriculture and food industry is complemented by a robust research infrastructure, bringing innovation to all areas of production. Canada boasts leading technology, cutting-edge innovation and some of the world’s most advanced production, processing, storage and packaging techniques.
Canada’s food is sourced from our nature
Canadian food reflects the diversity of its land, its people, and its seasons. Canada’s wide-open spaces, cool climate and aquatic resources build the foundation for a thriving food industry. Canada is dedicated to protecting its natural landscape and the quality of its soils and water.
Canada’s food industry provides a wide variety of offerings
Canada is committed to offering a variety of foods and related services that can satisfy the tastes of consumers worldwide. Canadian food is available as consumer-ready products, packaged under private labels, or as ingredients for processing or non-food products.

To learn more, explore Canada's food and agriculture industry. Discover the safe, quality commodities that make up Canada's delicious consumer-ready products, as well as the ingredients in some of your favourite dishes.

Factsheets on Canada’s food products

Learn about the variety of Canadian food products.

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