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Seed Sector Value Chain Roundtable

The Seed Sector Value Chain Roundtable consists of plant breeders, seed growers, seed conditioners, distributors, exporters, retailers and finally the farmers, which are the end users. The Roundtable provides a dialogue between government and industry members.

Key objectives:

  • identify issues and opportunities along the value chain
  • share a variety of different perspectives
  • enable collaborative industry/government/farmer action
  • provide advice on regulatory, research and policy questions

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email us at

Working groups

  • Incorporation by Reference Working Group provides advice to government on use of "Incorporation by Reference" within regulations.
  • Seed Sector Economic Profile Working Group demonstrates the sector’s contribution to the economy through the development of a resource and communication tool (see "Canadian Seed Sector Profile" report).
  • Use of Variety Names Working Group captures and summarizes industry's perspective on the necessity and feasibility of aligning the use of variety names between the "Seeds Act" and "Canada Grain Act" to inform the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's future seed regulatory modernization consultation process.
  • Low Level Presence (LLP) in Seed Working Group shares information and ensures the industry is well informed and up to date on international initiatives on LLP in seed (including the efforts of the International Seed Federation and other countries); and ensure lessons learned from the development of a domestic LLP in grains policy at the Grains Roundtable are shared with this working group.

Upcoming meeting

The next Roundtable meeting is to be confirmed.

Meeting summary



  • Dave Carey – Canadian Seed Trade Association
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Foster – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


  • Art Enns – Art Enns and Sons Ltd
  • Mitch Rezansoff – Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers
  • Rick White – Canadian Canola Growers Association
  • Cedric MacLeod – Canadian Forage and Grasslands Association
  • Keith Kuhl – Canadian Horticulture Council
  • JoAnne Buth – Canadian International Grains Institute
  • James Farrar – Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance
  • Lorne Hadley – Canadian Plant Technology Agency
  • Deb Hart – Canadian Potato Council
  • Glyn Chancey – Canadian Seed Growers' Association
  • Richard Stamp – Canadian Seed Growers' Association
  • Jonathan Nyborg – Canadian Seed Growers' Association
  • Michael Scheffel – Canadian Seed Growers' Association
  • Roy van Wyk – Canadian Seed Institute
  • Claudio Feulner – Canadian Seed Trade Association
  • Karen Churchill – Cereals Canada
  • Cathy Breadner – Canadian Seed Laboratories Ltd.
  • Krista Erickson – Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada
  • Helen Booker – Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan
  • Ian Affleck – CropLife Canada
  • Crosby Devitt – Grain Farmers of Ontario
  • Erin Gowriluk – Grain Growers of Canada
  • Krista Thomas – Canada Grains Council
  • Paul Gregory – Interlake Forage Seeds
  • Richard Kieper – Paterson Grain/Western Grains Elevator Association
  • Todd Hyra – SeCan
  • Pierre Brault – Servisem
  • Wayne Gale – Stokes Seed
  • Aabir Dey – USC Canada
  • Wade Sobkowich – Western Grain Elevators Association

Provincial governments

  • Mark MacNaughton – Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Chami Amarasinghe – Manitoba Department of Agriculture
  • Djiby Bocar Sall – Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec
  • Hugh Berges – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Mitchell Japp – Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

Federal government

  • Bill Anderson – Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Wendy Jahn – Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • David Bailey – Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Heather Shearer – Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Nathan Gerelus – Canadian Grain Commission
  • Simone Gobeil – Global Affairs Canada


Benchmarking Needs and Understanding of Certified Seed Along the Value Chain

A report to understand end user needs for variety specific characteristics; inform the value chain on those needs and; benchmark understanding amongst stakeholders along the value chain with regard to the seed sector, its capabilities and the benefits and value of certified seed.
Author: Gardner Pinfold Consultants
Date: March 2016

Canadian Seed Sector Profile

A resource and communication tool to increase general public, government and other industry stakeholders recognition and awareness of the Canadian seed industry and its contributions to the Canadian economy.
Author: Seed Sector Value Chain Roundtable
Date: November 2019

Roundtable research reports are available by request by writing to: The Industry Engagement Division reserves the right to withhold documents that contain sensitive or proprietary information.

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