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Tenth meeting of the Pulse Industry Roundtable: Record of decision

January 17 to 18, 2017 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Opening remarks

  • Industry Co-Chair Lee Moats welcomed several new members and observers to the meeting (noting the strong interest in the work of the table as demonstrated by the number of participants). Introductions included mention of the new incoming Government Co-Chair, Beth MacNeil, Director General of the Policy Development and Analysis Directorate, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).
  • Special mention of Global Pulse Day was made, encouraging members to read about the events taking place on January 18, 2017, building on the momentum of International Year of Pulses (IYP) 2016.

Next Policy Framework

  • Beth MacNeil provided an update on the development of the Next Policy Framework (NPF) and outlined the six priorities identified in the July 2016 "Calgary Statement".
  • Members were divided into groups to have focused discussions on the six priority areas:
    1. Markets and Trade
    2. Value Added Processing
    3. Public Trust
    4. Science, Research and Innovation
    5. Risk Management
    6. Environmental Sustainability and Climate
  • Each group assessed the priority area and identified its relevance to the pulse sector, any challenges surrounding it, as well as actions the sector could take to address it. Key outcomes are listed in Annex C.

Industry-led public trust initiative

  • Kim McConnell (AdFarm) provided an update on the industry-led "Canadian Journey to Public Trust", an initiative aimed at fostering industry collaboration on this issue.
  • There is support in principle from the pulse industry for the industry-led "Canadian Journey to Public Trust" initiative. Pulse Canada is exploring participation on behalf of the sector.

Food policy

  • Chris Marinangeli of Pulse Canada spoke about the industry’s food policy vision which links the benefits of pulses across environmental, human health, and economic opportunities, and provided supporting examples for the environmental and health benefits.
  • Beth MacNeil provided an update on the mandate of Minister MacAulay and some of the next steps in the development of a new Government of Canada food policy. Among them will be the importance of bringing together key departments from across the federal government, as well as public consultations.

Climate change and the environment

  • Beth MacNeil provided an update on the Government of Canada’s initiatives related to climate change and the environment. The agriculture sector will have a role to play in achieving the objectives of the Pan-Canadian Framework (PCF) for Clean Growth and Climate Change. The PCF is expected to create an increased demand for sustainable practices and broader application of innovative clean technologies.

Market Access and Competitive Intelligence Working Group updates

  • Various industry members and government officials provided updates on on-‎going market access issues, trade-related activities, and other related work including:
    • Lindsay Hanson, from the Pest Management Regulatory Agency provided updates on the reviews and re-evaluations related to neonicotinoids currently under way, and the new AAFC-facilitated multi-stakeholder forum designed to help facilitate communication between impacted stakeholders.
    • Darlene Blair and Jason Murphy from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) provided an update on India fumigation requirements and efforts underway to seek an exemption for Canadian pulses.
    • Alessandro Longo and Karl Dupuis from AAFC’s Trade Negotiations Division provided an update on the current status on the Free Trade Agreements including: The Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement; the Trans Pacific Partnership; and as well initial steps with India.
    • Gord Kurbis from Pulse Canada provided an overview of several other market access issues in select markets including: Turkey, South Korea, Myanmar, and Egypt.
    • Laura Anderson from the Canadian Grain Commission provided an overview of the pilot program developed in cooperation with shippers/transloaders for shipments of pulses by containers and efforts to capture samples to help generate supportive monitoring data.
    • Carl Potts of Saskatchewan Pulse Growers provided a high-level overview of some investigative work on fababeans, looking at current Canadian capacity, production opportunities, disposition opportunities, and potential and constraints in potential uses, such as food applications.
    • Margaret Hughes of Best Cooking Pulses highlighted a current issue regarding regulatory approvals for generic pulse ingredients, followed by a discussion on sector collaboration.

Pulse perspective on the food processing sector

  • A session was dedicated exploring the processed foods sector and its priorities:
    • Bruno Lamy from AAFC provided a profile of the food processing sector in Canada and identified the priorities of the Food Processing Industry Roundtable.
    • Julianne Curran and Jackie Tenuta of Pulse Canada spoke to the pulse sector’s interactions with food processors to date, activities to address challenges, success in raising awareness of pulses and the development of the pule brand, and next steps to drive further utilization.
    • Linda Malcolmson, consultant for a food manufacturer (Warburtons) talked about the company’s experience of using pulses as an ingredient, the perceived opportunities and challenges for incorporation, and trends in the marketplace for new/innovative ingredients.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency modernization activities

  • Julie Hartleib from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) provided an update on the Agency’s proposal on modernizing/streamlining its system of fees through an upcoming consultation process.
  • Dr. Rebecca Lee of the CFIA provided an update on the "Safe Food for Canadians Regulations".

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada science support to the pulse sector

  • Jason Fradette of AAFC provided an update on the department’s science strategy, priorities and research capacity specific to the pulse sector, and efforts to maintain this capacity.
  • Industry welcomed the fact that AAFC understands the importance of the research capacity and re-investing when gaps are identified.

All Chairs Forum update

  • Lee Moats provided a debrief on the last All Chairs Forum in April 2016, which included NPF and other government priorities, and Stephen Desroches of AAFC spoke about the tentative agenda items for the upcoming meeting in spring 2017.
  • Lee and the roundtable briefly discussed the best approach to engage the Pulse Industry Roundtable (PIRT) membership to ensure views brought forward to the All Chairs forums truly represent the priorities and views of the pulse sector.

Research Activities and Collaborative Research Working Group update

  • Leanne Fischbuch of Alberta Pulse Growers spoke about the collaborative work to prepare for the next Pulse Science Cluster under the NPF. This includes collectively identifying research priorities and reviewing potential projects in advance of an application under the NPF.
  • Ken Hester of AAFC provided a short update on the current status of the PIRT’s research capacity asset map and next steps.

Global Pulse Day

  • The global pulse industry designated January 18, 2017, as Global Pulse Day to celebrate pulses and continue the momentum of the International Year of Pulses.
  • Madeleine Goodwin of Pulse Canada and Allison Ammeter (International Year of Pulses Canada Chair) provided a video and summarized the significant work undertaken during the year and the success in raising awareness related to pulses.

Closing remarks

  • PIRT members thanked Greg Strain, outgoing Government Co-Chair, for the leadership he provided to the roundtable. Beth MacNeil was welcomed as the new Government Co-Chair.
  • A list of Action Items, Annex A, have been identified and will be addressed leading-up to the next PIRT meeting.
  • The next PIRT meeting will tentatively be planned for early 2018.

Annex A: Action items

Meeting / Item Number Action Items Responsibility Next Steps / Timelines
10-1 Next Policy Framework (NPF): Encourage members to visit online NPF portal and provide input. Industry Ongoing
10-2 Next Policy Framework (NPF): NPF feedback to be captured and summary provided in record of discussion. Information to be shared with Strategic Policy Branch of AAFC. Industry Engagement Division (IED) End of January
10-3 Public Trust: Continue to monitor industry-led efforts on Public Trust.
Pulse Canada to consider pulse sector participation in industry-led Public Trust activities.
Industry Ongoing
10-4 Food Policy: AAFC to provide an update on development of Food Policy at next PIRT. IED Next PIRT
10-5 Food Policy: PIRT to consider input into upcoming Food Policy consultations. Industry Ongoing
10-6 Research: The Collaborative Research Working Group (CRWG) to continue progress on research capacity analysis and asset map. CRWG Ongoing
10-7 Competitive Intelligence: Competitive Intelligence Working Group (CIWG) to explore re-examining red lentil characteristics and market requirements. CIWG Winter 2017
10-8 Competitive Intelligence: Explore long-term industry-wide collaborative approaches to generic pulse ingredient regulatory approvals. Industry Ongoing
10-9 Climate Change and Environment: Continue to monitor activities related to environment and climate change and receive updates. IED Next PIRT
10-10 CFIA Modernization Activities: Encourage members to visit CFIA online consultation portal and provide input. Industry Ongoing
10-11 All Chairs: Consider a new process/mechanism to capture pulse sector priorities in advance of All Chairs meeting/ongoing requirements. Industry/IED March 31, 2017

Annex B: Participants


  • Lee Moats – Industry Co-Chair, Pulse Producer
  • Greg Strain – Federal Co-Chair, AAFC
  • Beth MacNeil – new Federal Co-Chair, AAFC


  • Leanne Fischbuch – Alberta Pulse Growers (APG)
  • Margaret Hughes – Best Cooking Pulses
  • Blair Roth – Viterra
  • Gord Kurbis – Pulse Canada
  • Francois Labelle – Manitoba Pulse Growers
  • Martin Chidwick – Agrimonde Pulses Inc.
  • Jennifer Mitchell – Ontario Bean Growers
  • Marion Hunt – Hensall District Co-op
  • Dr. Rick Green – POS Bio-Sciences

Industry observers

  • Dr. Simon Potter – Genome Prairie
  • Dr. Reno Pontarollo – Genome Prairie
  • Faye Pagdonsolan – Genome Prairie
  • Colin Topham – Agrocorp
  • Jean Harrington – Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG)
  • Jacqueline Carleton – SPG
  • Jenn Walker – APG
  • Jennifer Evancio – Best Cooking Pulses
  • Ryan Koeslag – Ontario Bean Growers
  • Jackie Tenuta – Pulse Canada
  • Julianne Curran – Pulse Canada
  • Denis Tremorin – Pulse Canada
  • Madeleine Goodwin – Pulse Canada

Provincial governments

  • Meghan Moran – Ontario
  • Robyne Bowness – Alberta
  • Dale Risula – Saskatchewan

Federal government

  • Laura Anderson – Canadian Grain Commission (CGC)
  • Steve Lavergne – AAFC
  • Ning Wang – CGC
  • Stefan Wagener – CGC
  • Sonya Agbessi – Health Canada
  • Darlene Blair – CFIA
  • Jason Murphy – CFIA

Federal support

  • Ken Hester – AAFC
  • Violette Jacques – AAFC
  • Steve Desroches – AAFC
  • Monique Heise – AAFC

Federal government observers

  • Stephanie Mitchell – CFIA
  • Jennifer Follows – Global Affairs Canada
  • Peter Frohlich – CIGI
  • Mark Kramer – AAFC
  • Leslie Wylie – AAFC
  • Glenda Taylor – AAFC
  • Matthew Hint – AAFC
  • Michele Kuxhaus – AAFC
  • Bob Nawolsky – AAFC
  • Irene Hanuta – AAFC
  • Nathan Gerelus – CGC
  • Isabelle Depault – AAFC
  • Anne Kennedy – AAFC
  • Jane Morisset – AAFC

Guest speakers

  • Carl Potts – SPG
  • Allison Ammeter – International Year of Pulses Canada Chair, APG
  • Dr. Linda Malcolmson – Warburtons
  • Bruno Lamy – AAFC
  • Jason Fradette – AAFC
  • Julie Hartlieb – CFIA
  • Chris Marinangeli – Pulse Canada
  • Sarah Akhtar – AAFC
  • Karl Dupuis – AAFC
  • Janice Merhej – AAFC
  • Alessandro Longo – AAFC
  • Kim McConnell – Consultant, Adfarm
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