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Fifth Poultry Sustainability Value Chain Roundtable

May 13, 2019 Conference Call - Meeting Summary


The Government and Industry Co-chairs welcomed participants to the fifth Poultry Sustainability Value Chain Roundtable (PSVCRT) meeting. They outlined the goals of this conference call and reviewed the January 31, 2019 Action Items. The purpose of this conference call was to provide brief updates on PSVCRT initiative because a face-to-face meeting will not take place until early 2020.

All Chairs Forum

PSVCRT representatives attended the All Chairs Forum, which was held on April 16, 2019. All Industry and Government Co-chairs had open and frank discussions with Deputy Heads on four topics – labour, regulations, innovation and market diversification.

The Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table is moving into Phase 2 of implementation. Both the Fall Economic Statement and the 2019 Federal Budget responded to the EST’s ambitious targets. Roundtables will be asked to play a leading role in furthering the EST’s recommendations.

A new Value Chain Roundtable (VCRT) model (VCRT revitalization) was presented. Industry representatives were supportive of this revitalization and are interested in aligning the roundtables with the EST themes.

VCRT revitalization for the PSVCRT

AAFC shared a presentation to the PSVCRT and industry members provided the following feedback:

  • Industry stakeholders were very interested in providing formal feedback and asked how this could be accomplished.
  • Some members commented that they would get completely lost in an Animal Protein table.  They also noted they just got up and running and feel they have great momentum in this new table.
  • Poultry stakeholders are pleased they have the whole value chain and have worked hard to keep the restaurant and retail members at their table.
  • One industry stakeholder commented that there is “natural tension” in the animal proteins and if the meat sectors are lumped together, information may not be shared as candidly.

Research Coordination Working Group

The Interim Chair of the Research Coordination Working Group provided a brief update on two of their activities. A matrix was developed that identified research priorities for this Working Group and recommendations will be provided in early summer 2019. The Working Group is also investigating the usefulness of a research data base and will have a recommendation for that as well. When the Poultry Science Cluster is announced, this Working Group will help coordinate activities.

All PSVCRT members were invited to a Research Coordination Working Group conference call on May 30, 2019 to help identify priorities.

Public Trust Working Group

The Chair of the Public Trust Working Group updated the PSVCRT on the "Poultry Story" and next steps. The "Poultry Story" is a communications tool that identifies positive efforts across the poultry sector and helps to leverage the sector’s strong, united voice. A communications plan has been drafted and PSVCRT members will be encouraged to promote the messages in their respective sectors. The Working Group also completed a scan of concerns facing the poultry sector and will prioritize these issues as a next step. Both of these tools will also help support retailers who are facing challenges in public perceptions.

Salmonella reduction activities

Industry members shared information on a variety of Salmonella reduction efforts that are taking place in Canada. The poultry sector is proactive and well-coordinated in these efforts, and are interested in ensuring targets are met within each part of the supply chain.

Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) shared information about the Health Portfolio’s Salmonella Reduction Strategy and discussed strategic priorities of the National Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) Strategy. The purpose of this presentation was to raise awareness of the levels of Salmonella illness in Canada and its link to poultry handling and consumption. Industry members were interested in further discussions with the Government of Canada to address contamination across the poultry chain and identify potential solutions.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Antimicrobial Use (AMU)

The Chair of the AMR-AMU Working Group provided a summary of activities, including helping coordinate efforts within the poultry sector by linking in the work of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and Health Canada.

A letter from the Industry Co-chair was sent to CFIA that identified feed additive issues that affect the poultry sector, and a reply was provided back to the PSVCRT. This working group has also provided input into the Pan Canadian Action Plan and will continue to monitor the progress of this initiative.


The Co-chairs thanked the participants for joining the conference call and were pleased that progress was made on a number of strategic priorities.

Since a federal election will take place in fall 2019, Treasury Board is expected to announce details on the Caretaker Convention in mid-June 2019. Therefore, the next PSVCRT meeting will be planned for early 2020.

Participant List


  • Roger Pelissero, Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC)
  • Luc Marchand, (Interim Co-chair) Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

Industry members

  • Andrew Telfer, Retail Council of Canada
  • David Lefebvre, Restaurant Canada
  • Michael Laliberté, Chicken Farmers of Canada
  • Steve Leech, Chicken Farmers of Canada
  • Phil Boyd, Turkey Farmers of Canada
  • Brian Ricker, Turkey Farmers of Canada
  • Glen Jennings, Egg Farmers of Canada
  • Neil Newlands, Egg Farmers of Canada
  • Jackie Wepruk, National Farm Animal Care Council
  • Robin Horel, Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council (CPEPC)
  • Gerry Kennie, Canadian Hatchery Federation
  • Drew Black, Canadian Hatching Egg Producers (CHEP)
  • Melissa Dumont, Animal Nutrition Association of Canada
  • Geneviève Arsenault, Exceldor

Industry observers

  • Erica Charlton, CPEPC
  • Nicolas Paillat, CPEPC
  • Viki Sikur, CHEP
  • Brian Bilkes, CHEP
  • Christine Anawati, Egg Farmers of Canada

Federal Government members

  • Brian Douglas, Farm Products Council of Canada (FPCC)
  • Susan Abel, Food and Consumer Products of Canada
  • Carol Gendron, Food and Consumer Products of Canada


  • Lateef Adewoye, Health Canada
  • Mary Jane Ireland, Health Canada
  • Catherine Italiano, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Michael Ash, AAFC

Federal support

  • Réjean Gaumond, AAFC
  • Yves Le Moullec, AAFC
  • Christine Moses, AAFC

Federal Government observers

  • Carol Gendron, FPCC
  • Bill Edwardson, FPCC

Note: Because this meeting was a conference call, this list of participants may not be complete.

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